Copper v/s Silver Manipulation: The Tale Of Two Metals

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Copper v/s Silver Manipulation: The Tale Of Two Metals

Copper v/s Silver Manipulation: The Tale Of Two Metals

While it’s loyal that a whole financial complement is fraudulent today, some markets are manipulated some-more than others.  This is positively loyal for a changed metals… quite SILVER.  This steel is a defeat child of a Fed and Cartel Bullion Banks.  Most would trust it’s unfit to manipulate a steel for decades… it isn’t.

Especially, when a strenuous infancy of a public’s supports have been funneled divided from line or earthy resources and siphoned into a biggest Ponzi Scheme in history.  You see, a strategy isn’t usually HAMMERING a paper cost of china during a slimmest trade durations of a day… that’s usually a tiny partial of it.

The largest area of strategy is in a WHOLESALE PACKAGING OF LIES* by a Fed,  Cartel Banks and MSM saying that paper assets such as 401k’s, Retirement-Insurance Funds, Stocks, U.S. Treasuries are wealth, when in fact they are outrageous liabilities. (* tenure coined by James Howard Kunstler).

If a open satisfied they had invested in a biggest ponzi intrigue in history, there would be a bolt out of paper resources and into anything tangible.  This would emanate a SHOCK-WAVE around a universe as fiat currencies would implode and a value of line and earthy resources would skyrocket.

Getting behind to a metals, if we demeanour during a dual charts below, we can see usually how many some-more of a violence china has taken compared to copper:

Copper Chart

Silver Chart

Copper strike a rise of around $3.90 in Mar 2012.  After all a QE3 was siphoned into a Stock Bond Markets around a Fed’s many favorite Banks, copper was strike tough as it declined 22% to a low of $3.04 today.

Poor Copper….

Well, if we consider copper was strike hard, let’s demeanour during silver.  Silver went from an normal high of $35.50 in Mar 2012 to a towering low of $17.50 today. 

A whopping 51% DECLINE….

If we suspicion a primary miners were losing income during $19-$20… how bad is a hemorrhaging during $17?

As we can imagine, we get a handful of readers who send me emails saying that Silver is a rubbish steel and it’s usually value $10 bucks since that is a normal CASH COST of a primary china miners.  If we had a Silver Dollar for each time we came opposite that nonsense…. we could retire.

The universe has been BAMBOOZLED to trust in a FAIRY TALE, a DELUSION, and a PONZI SCHEME that will all finish badly.  The genuine value is in resources that reason wealth.  Paper resources currently are mostly destiny liabilities.

For a cost of china to tumble 51% compared to copper’s 22%… SOMETHING FISHY THIS WAY BLOWS.

Why?  Because china suffered a 103 million oz constructional necessity final year, while Copper still had copiousness of room bonds in reserve.  The universe continues to consumes a remaining inexpensive above belligerent china bonds as if there was no tomorrow.

At some point, a LIGHT will go off and a universe will arise adult to a fact that GOLD SILVER are stores of value and not foolish pieces of steel regurgitated by a NITWITS on a financial media.

Unfortunately, there won’t be many china to go around during this point…. and there LIES THE RUB.

Courtesy: SRSroccoreport