Couple Pays $300 Each For Dinner And Get Something That Wouldn’t Fill Anyone’s Belly

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While many of us hang to regulating emojis on a phone to assistance execute a moods, one grill in Bangkok is holding congregation on a “journey by complicated Indian cuisine in 25 emojis.”

But with 25 courses, such an considerable arrangement of culinary talent contingency come during a flattering large price. Gaggan Restaurant, that has a eminence of being a series 7 grill in a world, offers business this tasty tour for only $300 a person.

And while such an costly dish competence not be in a cards for many of us, one integrate motionless to bombard out $600 on their anniversary and indulge in a Indian delicacies prepared by cook Gaggan Anand. Keep reading to hear their thoughts on a impracticable tasting menu.

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“My mother and we initial went to this grill on a honeymoon in 2013. It wasn’t really good famous then, a concierge during a hotel couldn’t even give us directions (and he was sporting a clef d’ors badge!)

Back then, they had 2 set menus and an a la grant option. We went a initial time and had a set menu for about $70 for dual and enjoyed it so most we went behind a integrate of nights after for a à la carte.

For a fourth anniversary, we done a outing behind to Bangkok and before we had even requisitioned flights, we had requisitioned us in during this grill we had raved about ever given a honeymoon.

When we arrived, a maître d’ told us that we were invited to a chef’s list and did we accept (of course!)

The grill has altered a bit in a final 4 years, renovations etc. and a chef’s list was in a prolongation to a categorical grill and upstairs. We went upstairs with a 10 other guest and these were a menus placed before us — oh boy!”

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“I’ve enclosed another print that is a bit clearer. The coop outlines are where a new booze was to be poured — we couldn’t NOT have a relating booze — and what a illusory preference that was too.”

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“Here we have a initial course: paan.

Paan is a normal Indian travel food done with betel leaf, a accumulation of fruits, spices, seeds, and spasmodic tobacco.

This paan had a tiny betel root prepared in a light tempura beat and some chilli dabbed on tip — a distant cry from a paan we had initial tasted during about 1am on a streets of Delhi!”