Custom pattern your Nikes regulating protracted reality

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Nike is one of a many innovative companies in a world. It partnered with Apple to build a step tracker in 2006, and launched a GPS-powered using app in 2010, and a step-tracking wristband series, a Nike+ FuelBand, in 2012. Recently, it grown a shoe with self-lacing record desirous from a Back to a destiny series.

According to a new patent, Nike now skeleton to concede users to pattern their possess shoes…using protracted reality.

Already, Nike has a shoe pattern site, NIKEiD, where shoppers can customize several aspects of a boots and other products.

But now Nike skeleton to take it to a subsequent level.

According a patent, shopper binds a shoe-shaped intent in his hand. Then a conduct mounted arrangement allows a user to emanate designs on a feet indication in protracted reality. Nike can yield a feet indication itself in protracted reality.

The conduct mounted arrangement presents an modifying module with a apparatus palette. Shoppers use a coop to name collection from a apparatus palette and lay a graphics on a shoe object.

Once a shoe is designed, a shoppers can sequence a shoe.
Going forward, Nike could concede shoppers to name modernized facilities like including Nike Plus Sensor or even a self-lacing underline in their tradition designed shoe.

Patent Details:
US 20110205242 A1
Augmented Reality Design System
Publication date – 25 Aug 2011
Priority date – 22 Feb 2010
Inventors – David Y. Friesen
Assignee – Nike, Inc.
Family Members – CN103038771A, EP2539838A1, US8947455, US9384578, US20150109322, US20160203647, WO2011103272A2

Source: Patent Yogi