Dad Hack Alert! Virginia Dad Uses A Leaf Blower To Push His Son On A Tricycle

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If this video is any indication, we consider it’s protected to contend that four-year-old Graham Bundy acquired his daredevil opinion from his Pops.

Mark Bundy has done it a hobby to upload interesting videos of him and his son removing into trouble, and his latest shave competence be a coolest father penetrate we’ve ever seen.

After Graham held a need for speed, this quick-thinking father had a inventive thought to use his root ventilator to assistance give his son a thrill. Just don’t let your kids see, since a second they lay eyes on this pretence they’ll be vagrant we to give it a try!

And after that darling father-son high-five, it’s tough to tell who’s some-more vehement about their latest accomplishment.

(Via Daily Mail)

I can’t wait to see what Mark and Graham come adult with next. I’m peaceful to gamble Mom has her hands full with these boys!