David Marcus defends Facebook’s Messenger Kids platform

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David Marcus, Facebook’s clamp boss of Messaging Products, responded to a recoil opposite Messenger Kids when he spoke during a Upfront Summit in Los Angeles on Thursday.

“Families will be improved off since it exists,” pronounced Marcus. “I resolutely trust that it is a good product.”

Messenger Kids launched in December, targeting kids aged 6 to 12. The app has faced widespread critique for enlivening immature people to join amicable media during a immature age, that some explain is a defilement of COPPA regulations. But Marcus insisted that Facebook’s children’s product does not validate as amicable media in a approach that Snapchat does.

The thought is to make it easier for families to incorporate younger siblings into organisation chats, Marcus explained.

“My daughter uses it on a daily basement now,” pronounced Marcus. “It has enabled me to be some-more in hold with her.”

He additionally claimed that partial of a doubt is since it’s removing harder for Facebook to launch products with “global enthusiasm,” though that a group isn’t going to let that foreordain a strategy.

Marcus also talked about how he wants Messenger’s categorical app to equivocate apropos like email. “The final thing we wish is to be a man who recreated email.” He pronounced that while business can correlate with brands over Messenger, a consumers are a ones initiating a communication on his platform.

He was serve confident that people would increasingly use Messenger for peer-to-peer transactions, as an choice to Venmo or Square Cash. “Payments is unequivocally during home in a conversational environment,” pronounced Marcus.

When it comes to Facebook’s categorical app, Marcus talked about banning cryptocurrency ads since too many of them are scams. Marcus, however, sits on a house of bitcoin height Coinbase.