DoD Studying Implications of Wearable Devices Giving Too Much Info

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Defense Department officials are study certainty issues lifted by earthy conditioning trackers that also can be used to lane use members’ whereabouts, a Pentagon orator told reporters Jan. 29.

The Defense Department urges use members and DoD civilians with wearable electronic inclination to use a strictest remoteness setting. Officials done a idea after announcement of a “heat map” display thoroughness of U.S troops crew overseas. DoD photo 

The regard comes from a “heat map” posted by Strava — a makers of a aptness tracking focus that shows a routes use members run or cycle in their daily exercises. These maps can uncover troops bases and might be used to aim individuals.

“We take these matters seriously, and we are reviewing a conditions to establish if any additional training or superintendence is required, and if any additional process contingency be grown to safeguard a continued reserve of DoD crew during home and abroad,” Army Col. Robert Manning III said during a morning news discussion during a Pentagon.

Wearable electronic aptness trackers upload information to Strava, that afterwards publishes a feverishness map of a activity so people can download a maps to find good using or cycling routes.

Use Privacy Settings

“The fast growth of record requires a fast excellence of process and procedures to raise force insurance and operational security,” Manning said. “DoD crew are suggested to place despotic remoteness settings on wireless technologies and applications.”

Service members are taboo from wearing such wireless technologies in some areas and during some operations, Manning said.

Manning didn’t contend what a dialect will do about a issue. “We have certainty in commanders to occupy tactics, techniques and procedures that raise force insurance and operational certainty with a slightest impact to individuals,” a colonel said.

All DoD crew go by annual training on information security. The training urges use members and DoD civilians to extent profiles on a internet, including personal amicable media accounts, Manning said.

“Furthermore, operational certainty mandate yield serve superintendence for troops crew ancillary operations around a world,” he said. The feverishness map occurrence re-emphasizes a need for use members to be discreet about what information to share around wearable electronic devices, he added.

Source: Armed with Science, created by Jim Garamone, Defense Media Activity.

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