Dog walkers encouraged by happiness, not health

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It appears to be a box of ‘do what creates we happy’ for people who frequently travel their dogs.

According to new University of Liverpool research, owners are encouraged to go dog walking since it creates them feel happy, not since of other health and amicable benefits.

In a many in-depth investigate of dog owner’s perceptions of dog walking to date, 26 interviews were total with personal created reflections of dog walking experiences.

The researchers found that while owners might contend a reason they go walking is to advantage a dog, a significance of their possess softened complacency and wellbeing is clear.

These feelings of happiness, however, are fortuitous on a owners desiring that their dog is enjoying a travel too. Anything that threatens this, such as poise problems, a notice that they have a ‘lazy’ dog, or their dog is too old, reduces their proclivity to walk.

Increased earthy activity and amicable interactions with other dog owners were found to be delegate bonuses though were frequency motivating.

Study lead Dr Carri Westgarth, a investigate associate during a University of Liverpool, said: “The factors that motivate dog walking are intensely complex, nonetheless we know they can strongly motivate tellurian health behaviour.”

“It is essential to know because owners travel their dogs if we are to be means to effectively foster owners to travel their dogs more.”

With some-more than 8 million dogs in households opposite a UK, dog walking is a renouned bland activity. Dog owners are generally some-more physically active than non-owners, nonetheless some frequency travel with their dog during all.

An owners briskly walking their dog for during slightest 30 mins any day simply exceeds a 150 mins endorsed smallest earthy activity per week. If all dog owners did this it would dramatically boost race levels of earthy activity.

Dr Westgarth added: “It’s transparent from a commentary that dog walking is used to accommodate a romantic needs of a owners as good as a needs of a dog. This might explain because commander dog walking interventions with messages focused on owners or dog health or amicable advantages have not been quite successful.”

“Possible pivotal points for destiny interventions to boost dog walking are to foster how it might boost a dogs, and so a owner’s, happiness.”

The investigate was saved by a Medical Research Council Population Health Scientist Fellowship and conducted as a partnership between a University of Liverpool’s Institute of Infection and Global Health and Institute of Psychology, Health and Society, with support from a University of Roehampton.

The paper ‘I Walk My Dog Because It Makes Me Happy: A Qualitative Study to Understand Why Dogs Motivate Walking and Improved Health’ is published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health [DOI:10.3390/ijerph14080936].

Source: University of Liverpool

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