Don’t Tell This Bird She Can’t Have Donuts Unless You Want Some Serious Sass

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Remember when we were a child and got held with snacks we weren’t ostensible to be eating?

Well, we were substantially a small fearful of how your relatives would retaliate you. This cockatoo, on a other hand, isn’t ashamed during all about hidden a square of her owner’s donut.

Life for Jersey a powerful cockatoo hasn’t always been really sweet. She used to live in an violent home, where she grown a robe of plucking out her possess feathers due to stress. But after being discovered by Marlene Mc’Cohen, Jersey is happy (and severely sassy) in her new home.

Watch as Jersey hilariously talks behind and throws a pretension when Mc’Cohen confronts her about a stolen donut morsel.


It’s a good thing Jersey’s so cute, since her opinion certain is huge! Birds can be a funniest creatures.