DTing: Easy-to-Operate Gesture Control Wristband System

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A new epoch in a universe of robotic control systems is on us. Rather than be compelled by unwieldy joysticks and formidable symbol combinations for each robotic fondle or apparatus we use, BicQ Technology and Innovation has grown an wholly new robotic control interface. By simply slipping on a insubordinate DTing Gesture Wristband, a user literally becomes a controller!

The fashionable wristband marks a user’s palm and finger movements establish a suit of a drudge that they are operating. The DTing wristband also marks gesticulate force to establish how quick or delayed a drudge should move. In other words, with a few elementary flicks of a wrist, a user can simply control whatever drudge is connected to a system.

Inspired by super-powered comic book characters, this novel control interface creates a user feel as if they have illusory telekinetic abilities.

Regardless of age or knowledge with robotics, anyone can learn how to use a DTing complement interjection to a cutting-edge “smart” program that works in unison with a systems’ rarely sensitive, specialized motion-sensitive components. No other drudge control complement could be some-more discerning to learn how to use.

DTing wristbands are ergonomically designed to absolutely fit a wrists of users of all ages and sizes. Further, DTing is equally concordant for those who are right-handed or left-handed. You can even control dual robots regulating a span of wristbands strapped to possibly arm!

Although a customary DTing package comes with an enlightening manual, a program is so stretchable an user can customize a effects their palm movements have on a drudge they are controlling.

To put it in other words, regulating a DTing Gesture Wristband is a ultimate remote.

When primarily developed, a DTing Gesture Wristband complement was designed and tested in coordination with world-class fondle manufacturers. However, with a use of aspect electromyography, IMU technology, and modernized AI, DTing Gesture Wristband record is concordant with innumerable other forms of technology. For example, in further to robotic toys, DTing wristbands have successfully been tested as a means to control miniaturized drones as good as domicile intelligent devices.

Since a strange plan was launched in 2016 and a developer chronicle of DTing program has given been released, it is expected that additional applications for DTing record will be grown in a entrance months and years.

Currently, BicQ Technology and Innovation Co. is looking for crowdfunding to help launch DTing Gesture complement on Indiegogo.

Source: dtingsmart.com

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