e-visa boost: Foreign traveller arrivals in India zooms 293% to over 4.34 lakh in 2016 so far

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“Athiti Devo Bhava”, that means guest are like a god, is a abuse of Indian culture. That’s also a catch-line of a Ministry of Tourism’s Incredible India campaign. The recently expelled information from a method shows a healthy arise in unfamiliar tourists nearing in India.

Representational image. ReutersRepresentational image. Reuters

Representational image. Reuters

The information points out to a conspicuous arise in e-visa entries. The facility is now accessible for adults nearing from 150 countries. The spike in traveller arrivals can be attributed to a abounding e-visa facility.

While purported secular attacks, nuisance and passionate assaults opposite unfamiliar tourists continue to be a vital worry, this, however, has not  dampened a spirits of unfamiliar tourists.

Tourism zone is doing good on all counts. Read on to get a satisfactory thought of a state of tourism in India.


This seems to be a game-changer for a Indian tourism industry. The Narendra Modi supervision introduced a e-visa trickery in Nov 2014. This has reduced substantial paperwork and has facilitated palliate of travelling for India-bound tourist. From 1,10,657 e-visa arrivals in 2015, it rose to 4,34,927 arrivals this year — a whopping 293% spike. February, in particular, sees a arise in a sum series of e-visa entries — a 369% rise. The Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi followed by Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport form about two-thirds of a sum e-visa arrivals.

There has been a solid arise in a sum series of unfamiliar traveller nearing in India. While 32.04 lakh unfamiliar traveller arrived in 2014, a figure rose to about 36.36 lakh in a initial 5 months till May 2016 — a 13.48% rise. The winter months of Jan and Feb see some-more unfamiliar tourists arrivals than a summer months of Apr and May when there is a pointy dip.


Top 5 source countries list in FTATop 5 source countries list in FTA

It is not a US, UK or any western nation that tops a chart. It is a neighbour Bangladesh. Around 14.9% of a sum 36.36 lakh traveller arrivals were from Bangladesh in 2016. The US and a UK were a subsequent tip source for unfamiliar tourists. Canada and Sri Lanka finish a list.


Tourism is a vital member of India’s unfamiliar sell earnings. Between 2014 and 2016, there has been a healthy boost in a unfamiliar sell gain by tourism. Forex gain increases in a winter months of Jan and Feb and declines during a prohibited Indian summers. The month of Apr has also seen a biggest spike in forex earnings, a 29.6% arise between 2014-16. The month of Jan sees India collecting a top volume of forex earnings.


Top 3 entrance points - FTATop 3 entrance points - FTA

Delhi and Mumbai, a dual biggest metros of India also see a many series of unfamiliar traveller arrivals. While a inhabitant collateral tops a list, Mumbai comes second. Chennai, a pivotal depot for tourists nearing from south-east Asia and Sri Lanka came third. The warn entrance in this list is a prosy plcae called Haridaspur. It is an internal pier tighten to Bangladesh. It might be a vital reason for a arise in Bangladeshi tourists entrance to India.

The numbers expelled by a Ministry of Tourism is certainly encouraging. With half a year remaining, there is range for most aloft expansion rate for Indian tourism sector.