Ed Sheeran’s New Album, Divide, Out Mar 3

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25 year aged Ed Sheeran is strictly back, announcing his new manuscript this morning on Instagram, and a pretension of a manuscript shouldn’t startle anyone. It’s simply ÷ (or in tangible English, Divide).

Sheeran initial done a dash in 2011 with his initial manuscript + (or Plus), followed by 2014’s x (or Multiply). Fans have been anxiously available a news that a new manuscript was on a approach after Sheeran expelled dual new tracks, and teased a lane list. The central proclamation came this morning, with Sheeran saying that a manuscript will be expelled on Mar 3rd, with a pre-order starting tonight during midnight. 

The cover art was always suggested in a post, and as approaching it’s a simple design. It’s simply a blue credentials with a multiplication pointer featured prominently. The cover art is really identical to a art for a already expelled music, Castle on a Hill and Shape of You.  Shape of You already is a hit, and even pennyless Spotify’s record for singular day streams, with some-more than 7.9 million listens in a initial 24 hours. 

The full lane list is:

Castle on a Hill
Shape of You
Galway Girl
Heart Dn’t Break Around Here
New Man
What Do we Know?
How Do You Feel? (Paean)
Supermarket Flowers

Our usually doubt is this, when Sheeran runs out of mathematical symbols, will he stop putting out albums? At slightest during this indicate he still has subtract and equals left.