Energy Layout 2030

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Only 200 years ago a categorical appetite source was wood. We now have a resources of appetite sources to select from, including a flourishing operation of renewable appetite technologies.

Energy drives expansion and has a splendid destiny ahead. However, since of race growth, meridian change, technological innovations, aloft vital standards and mercantile development, this attention is confronting many desirous challenges… Hence, innogy needs your assistance to rethink and optimize a energy efficiency system of a future. 

The best projects to suppose the energy management of 2030 and assistance innogy to better sustain its users in a future, will win many prizes, advantage from a support from innogy to rise their solution and get a possibility to leave their symbol in our changing world!

Do not rubbish another second, create or join a group of 2 to 5 persons, choose one of the topics bellow, submit your innovative idea!


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