Even Sharks Should Be Afraid Of Sharks…The Ocean Is Full Of So Much Nope

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Shark Week is finally on us here in North America. Can we feel a excitement? we know we certain can.

While during their core, sharks are elementary creatures (kill, eat, mate, repeat), that doesn’t make them any reduction terrifying. These fearsome beasts of a low are nature’s scarcely ideal murdering machines. No quadruped that they set their sights on comes out unscathed, and that includes other sharks. For explanation we offer we a following video.

This video facilities a rather vast tiger shark being eaten by an even bigger tiger shark. Never let your ensure down for a second in a ocean.


Ah, zero like a small shark-on-shark assault to flog off a week.

How are we celebrating shark deteriorate this year? we devise on staying out of any and all bodies of water…