Even Though This Seizure Was Faked, Passengers’ Reactions Were Pretty Damn Terrible

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Not everybody knows a correct actions to take when someone starts carrying a seizure in front of them. That said, this really isn’t a approach we should react.

In a bizarre video filmed in China, one male demonstrated how easy it is to giveaway adult seats when roving open transportation. He was on a sight when he unexpected collapsed onto a building and started seizing. While he was clearly faking it, other commuters’ reactions were totally real.

Instead of relocating to assistance a guy, many got out of their seats and fast walked away. Seriously, people?

(via Daily Mail)

Putting aside a fact that a seizure was fake, greatfully don’t follow in these people’s footsteps when we see something like this. Here are some discerning tips on how we can assistance if someone nearby we is carrying a seizure.