Ever Wonder What It’d Look Like To Be Eaten By A Python? Well, You’re In Luck.

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Ever given we all found out that a male was killed and eaten by a python in Indonesia final month, let’s usually contend that I’ve been a small some-more freaked out than common when it comes to vast snakes.

I’ve always famous that it was probable (though intensely rare) for pythons to swallow humans, though saying a formula of it function for myself has given me copiousness of awful mental images to have nightmares about — that is because we never should have watched this video.

If you’re extraordinary about what it’s like for a hapless chase of a python, this footage has all a stately sights (and nasty sounds) we could ever wish to see.

Watch from all opposite angles as an African stone python swallows a springbok antelope in a video below.


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I can’t be a usually one who’s happy they’re not an antelope right now. Share this creepy video if it gave we a newfound (and intense) fear of being eaten by a snake.