Every Day, This Mexican Father Walks His Kids Across The Border To Go To School

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Getting prepared for a new propagandize year can be a plea for many parents, though while many consider removing adult during 7 a.m. to see your kids off to a train is rough, it’s zero compared to what this father does.

Jose Luis Dominguez is dynamic to give his dual kids — seven-year-old Luis and eight-year-old Kayla — a best probable possibility during a good education, something he never had a event to get.

The 3 live in Mexico though by perfect integrity Dominguez managed to get his dual kids enrolled in a propagandize in South Texas, only opposite a travel from a grill he works at. Every morning and afternoon, a contingent make a trek opposite a Hidalgo International Bridge, over a Rio Grande, to and from home.

The 32-year-old says life is nauseous opposite a border, with kids frequently being abducted by drug cartels. He feels a lot safer meaningful his small ones are in propagandize in a U.S. while he’s during work.


Talk about going a additional mile for your kids.

For Dominguez, a peculiarity preparation divided from drug assault is reason adequate to arise adult each morning and travel opposite an general limit in a hopes it will get his children walking on a improved path.