Facebook is disabling messaging in the mobile web app to pull people to Messenger

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Facebook is stealing a messaging capability from a mobile web application, according to a notice being served to users: “Your conversations are relocating to Messenger,” it reads. Welcome news to a millions like me who switched to a web app in sequence to equivocate Messenger in a initial place!

At a moment, we can usually boot a notice and go about your business. But this summer a warning will turn an inflexible wall, and your usually choice will be to download a central Messenger app.

nomoremessagesI’m a small disturbed about this, since certainly a mobile site is most used by people who have good reason not to download a app. People whose phones don’t have central clients, for instance, or who can’t ascent to a latest chronicle of an OS, and contingency entrance around a web.

And really, it strikes me as utterly a antagonistic move, as it did before when they axed messaging from a categorical app. If, as everybody in a association is constantly repeating, mantra-like, that they wish to bond a world, shouldn’t a farrago of entrance options be part of that?

The common excuse, that we am awaiting to accept during any impulse from Facebook PR, whom we contacted for details, is that a association wants to yield a best probable knowledge in messaging, and the Messenger app is a height on that they’ve selected to yield it — so to equivocate difficulty they’re consolidating everybody there. (Update: that’s totally a matter we got, it even pronounced “best experience”)

I don’t consider a singular chairman has ever bought that sold bucket of horsefeathers. It’s flattering plain for anyone to see that it’s easy to embellish, heighten and, of course, monetize a absolute height like Messenger, while it’s near-impossible to do so with simple text-based chat.

In other words, one use provides profitable application to users, though not to Facebook. Can’t have that!

There are differences in a core practice of a desktop and mobile versions of Facebook — that’s okay! It’s ideally excellent that posts demeanour different, we correlate with things differently and certain facilities are absent or reduction simply accessed. This should be a box with messaging. Just offer plain calm chat, for god’s sake, and quit it with this strech creep. Your users will appreciate you, and it’s unequivocally not going to harm Messenger’s growth.

By all means, publicize Messenger on tip of a summary feed, or indicate out that some calm will be missing. Messenger is some-more full-featured! You can do video, and stickers! Look, chatbots! But a preference to switch should be a user’s. By stealing that agency, Facebook erodes a trust it should be given to carefully.

And one some-more thing while we’re during it. Let us download Facebook Lite (where messaging still works, by a way)! This geo-restriction BS has got to go. Some of us have a phone homogeneous of rabble fires and don’t wish to run that span of hogs we call central apps.

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