Facebook Messenger debuts a new demeanour focused on improving navigation

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Facebook Messenger is removing a new look. No, it’s not removing absolved of a Stories feature, Messenger Day, though is instead creation a array a smaller changes to a approach a calm on a home shade is orderly in an bid to speed navigation and assistance we collect adult where we left off on your final visit.

The refurbish introduces new tabs to a tip of Messenger’s categorical shade for relocating between your messages, active contacts, and groups. In addition, a app will now pull we to revisit other areas by regulating a red dot on several sections and tabs to let we know when there’s activity.

Facebook explains that a new pattern is meant to improved prominence a many other ways that people bond and communicate, over content messages.

The refurbish relocates Groups from a bottom navigation bar to a a add-on during a tip of a screen, creation it a reduction distinguished underline in a redesigned app.

Now, during a tip of a Messenger home screen, there are tabs for your messages and a list of who’s active on a app now (as indicated by a immature dot subsequent to their name), alongside a new groups tab.

Above: iOS inbox before

By giving active users their possess dedicated section, it feels like Messenger is enlivening we to start some-more conversations by a app, as it’s easier to see who’s online in one long, plumb scrollable list, as against a plane scrollbar before.

But also, by centralizing all these messaging-focused areas into a home shade instead of widespread around a app, it frees adult Messenger to concentration other, newer tools to a knowledge in a categorical navigation bar during a bottom. For example, Games – that usually rolled out worldwide progressing this month – gets a possess symbol on this bar now that Groups has been relocated elsewhere.

Above: iOS inbox after

Oddly, given a enterprise to contest with Snapchat opposite platforms, Facebook has now decreased a distance of a Camera symbol in Messenger. Before, a oversized symbol was incomparable than those surrounding it, mostly even heading to random presses – as good as a possibility for Facebook to uncover off a Snapchat-like collection of filters, effects, and masks. With a update, however, a symbol is behind to a normal size, and is easily lined adult with a neighbors.

This is a improved pattern cultured to be sure, though it also creates a Camera functionality feel reduction like Messenger’s heading feature, like the incomparable symbol did before.

The updated bottom bar now has tabs for Home, Calls, a Camera button, People and Games. On iOS, there are labeled, too, where before they were usually a icons. (On Android, a app is adhering with usually a icons.)

  1. Android-Inbox-Before

  2. Android-Inbox-After

Above: Android Before After

Another new underline in a revamped Messenger app is a red dot that appears when one of a sections in a app has new activity. For example, if we haven’t review one of your messages, you’ll see a dot subsequent to a Home idol on a bottom. If we missed a call, a red dot will seem subsequent to a Calls add-on on a tip of your home screen.

This will be a useful beam to assisting we find those things we missed given we final logged on, though it could also be potentially irritating to those of us with app OCD. That is, if you’re one of those people who currently taps a Marketplace symbol in Facebook usually to transparent a red dot from your screen, ready to start clicking around Messenger some-more following a update.

Facebook says a changes are rolling out to Messenger worldwide on both iOS and Android starting this week.