Facebook now lets we take 360 photos in-app, use them as Cover Photos

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Facebook has been a large believer of 360-degree photos and video, adding support for a immersive media formats early on Facebook itself. Now, a amicable tech association is adding support for capturing 360-degree photos right within a Facebook app itself.

The 360 print capability is rolling out opposite both iOS and Android starting today, and includes a ability to wizz and tab friends. It’s also now probable to use 360-degree images (from any source) as Cover Photos. This is a initial ever refurbish to format support Facebook has done for Cover Photos given a introduction.

  1. 360 Photo Capture from Timeline

  2. 360 Photo Capture Path

  3. 360 Photo in Feed

360 photos differently act as unchanging cinema on Facebook, definition we can post them to your Timeline, share them in albums alongside other customary images, and supplement them to groups. Capturing regulating a Facebook camera is designed to be as easy as possible, too, with Facebook contracting mechanism prophesy to automatically tack a print after we stagger your phone to constraint it panorama-style.

Here’s how to take 360 images in Facebook according to Facebook itself, an consultant on a subject, should we wish to give it a shot:

  • Open a Facebook app and click a ‘360 Photo’ choice from a tip of your News Feed where we refurbish your status

  • Press a blue symbol and follow a trail from start to finish until you’ve taken a finish panorama

  • Select your elite ‘starting view’ within a print and share