Facebook opens the amicable VR Spaces height to HTC Vive

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As Facebook looks to keep a VR dream moving, a association is opening a nascent amicable VR height to run on headsets that a association doesn’t build.

Today, a VR exec during a association announced that Facebook Spaces would be gaining support to run on a competing HTC Vive headset. The pierce opens adult a height to a wider assembly inside what is still a really parsimonious niche of users. Users on both a Oculus and HTC headsets will be means to accommodate adult in a cross-platform app, where they can chat, watch videos, draw, play games and go on practical trips.

Facebook has done large investments into practical existence underneath a Oculus brand, though Spaces is one of a few high-end practical existence plays that bears Facebook’s name. Announced during F8 this past year, a app is still in beta, though open to anyone with an Oculus Rift headset or now a HTC Vive.

Facebook Spaces is still lacking support for Sony’s PlayStation VR headset. Sony announced recently that they’ve changed some-more than 2 million headsets in only over a year.