Facebook tests some-more watchful notifications, instead of tagging friends

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This morning, a crony tagged me on a Facebook post that showed someone hula hooping with her…um, well…her butt. Apparently, he suspicion this was funny. Thankfully, we have Timeline Review incited on so this kind of calm doesn’t immediately seem on my form for all my friends and family to see. In a future, however, my crony competence have a opposite choice for alerting me to posts they wish me to see though a intensity fallout from this arrange of Timeline spam. Facebook has reliable it’s contrast a “more discreet” choice for pity posts with friends around Facebook Notifications, a association says.

The exam was initial speckled by SocialTimes, when a reader sent them a print (see below) of a new choice that appears when you’re formulating a post on Facebook. This choice reads “Notify a few friends about this post” and includes a tiny idol of a megaphone.

Instead of tagging friends in a post or in a comments section, we can click this new link, afterwards select those friends we wish to alert. This will send them a presentation as before. But, distinct with being tagged on posts, a calm isn’t destined to your form page where it possibly goes live or into moderation, depending on your remoteness settings.


Meanwhile, by expelling a need to tab friends in a post comments – something that’s mostly finished when we find something we wish to share with a specific friend, such as an eventuality announcement, for example, or a news object – a comments territory will be spotless up, too.

That will make it easier for people to indeed have conversations around a subject during hand, as against to carrying to review by a tide of tags where people are revelation their friends to look.

Facebook reliable a test, though didn’t contend when or if it would be rising publicly.

However, we know that it’s now being trialed with a commission of users in Canada, a U.K., and France on both iOS and a web. (Unfortunately, that means we won’t be opted in to this hearing anytime soon. Timeline Review continues!)

Of course, Facebook tests many things that never hurl out to a whole user base, though this underline has promise. It addresses an distrurbance with a approach Facebook operates currently – that is, people have to tab we to get your attention. More approach alerts would be distant improved for a recipient, though this underline does need a print to play along, too. And if tagging stays a easier, some-more apparent option, they might simply select to omit this underline in preference of a familiar. But that’s what these tests will determine.

A Facebook orator reliable a exam with us, via the following statement:

“When we make a post that is quite engaging to certain friends – we wish to make certain they see it. Instead of tagging friends in a post or a comments section, we will now have a some-more watchful choice to warning them of your post by promulgation them a notification.”

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