Facebook unlocks tilt-viewing of your panoramas with “360 Photos”

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No some-more frustrating zoom-in/zoom-out. Facebook finally done a complicated approach to perspective panoramas and VR photos with your phone. Its new underline “360 Photos” rolls out tomorrow on iOS, Android, web, and Gear VR, and it will democratize origination of 360 and VR content. You can see Mark Zuckerberg’s instance here from a tip of One World Trade Center.

Upload an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy panorama, or print from 360 apps or cameras like a Ricoh Theta only like any other image, and Facebook will modify it into a 360 photo. People who see a 360 print with a compass idol can indicate around it by sloping their phone or click/tap-and-dragging. And those with a Gear VR accessible can strike a “View in VR” symbol in a tip left corner, cocktail their phone into a headset, and demeanour around by relocating their head.


Facebook already has celebrities and publishers lined adult to share 360 photos. You’ll be means to check out a International Space Station with NASA, demeanour out a throng of 100,000 fans while station beside Paul McCartney, or go behind-the-scenes during a Supreme Court with The New York Times.

360 Photo Viewing

The amicable network’s product manager Andy Huang writes that “We introduced photos on Facebook some-more than a decade ago, and they fast became one of a categorical ways that people share their experiences.” But Facebook believes video, 360, and VR are a destiny of sharing, so a feed is adapting. Perhaps one day Instagram will get 360 support too.

Facebook’s story as place to upload user generated calm could assistance it win this limit of amicable media. Snapchat doesn’t let we promote uploads, and Twitter is still suspicion of as a text-focused platform. But if good 360 calm becomes prevalent on Facebook, it could give users another reason to keep entrance behind any day.

Facebook 360 Photos

Meanwhile, 360 represents a novel event for brands to emanate eye-catching marketing. Expect film sets, tourism destinations, and some-more to finish adult as 360 print ads.

Facebook first announced a new underline final month alongside a fact that a Samsung Gear VR has 1 million monthly users. But a large problem is that users are using out of calm to perspective from large diversion and cinematic knowledge studios.

Facebook attempted to answer this problem by building a 360 Surround camera and open sourcing a designs so veteran creators with $30,000 and some bend douse can build their possess top-of-the-line VR constraint device. But by vouchsafing normal users emanate VR-viewable content, Facebook’s Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear headsets could stay interesting.