Fallujah a Marines Battle

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Fallujah or Al Fallujah, Iraq is now being hold by ISIS and it is reported on May 23, 2016, by ABC News, that a Iraqi troops is shutting in on a outward city of, Anbar Province, that is 40 miles west of Baghdad. The Iraqi supervision has done it their pinnacle priority to collect a city given 2014, when it had turn one of a initial tools of a republic to be seized. Civilians families are journey to a hinterland Fallujah and 1,000 families have managed to make it, there are still a towering 50,000 trapped during a core of a city.

Members of a Iraqi supervision army have helped many that fled from Saqlawiyah and a assault hold within, by carrying their effects outward a encampment on Jun 3, 2016. ABC News reports, that ISIS fighters control a roads really closely and have threatened to kill anyone who tries to escape.

Fallujah has been a vital bridgehead given a open of 2004, with Operation Vigilant Resolve and deliberate as a First Battle of Fallujah. The city was sealed off and attacks were suspicion to be entrance from a South and southeast as it had in Apr 2004.  In November, a Regimental Combat Team 1, that consisted of a 3rd Battalion/1st Marines and a 3rd Battalion/5th Marines along with a US Army’s 2nd Battalion/7th Cavalry positioned themselves to conflict Fallujah from a north.

Fallujah 2004, ‘Hell House’

War is not for a diseased or a kind-hearted, fight is for a dauntless and those with a heart and honor. That includes a soldiers who fought in a city of Fallujah, Iraq, in a Operation Phantom Fury, who have been dubbed a Fallujah Veterans, environment them detached from a rest of a Iraq War Veterans.

In Jack Mandaville’s essay in Rhinodden, he tells a story of a soldiers who fought gallantly side by side of one another  from a 1st Light Armoured Reconnaissance Battalion called a “Warpigs.” Three of group that done adult partial of a Phantom Fury are Blake Magaoay, Chris “Fish” Anderson and a team’s personality Lance Corporal Matthew “Mac” MacMillian.  The 3 group were tighten friends and veterans of a 2003, advance of Iraq.

The story starts with a Warpig’s 3rd crew anticipating buliding in an deserted glow station, here they started around a time patrols to stop insurgents from reentering homes. After a 3 soldiers privileged a home on an adjacent retard they changed on to another home creation their approach into a kitchen. Magaoay set adult post during a bottom of a stairwell to keep an eye on any transformation upstairs as both Anderson and MacMillian went into other instruction to transparent a categorical vital room.

Mandaville states, that Magaoay while peering adult a stairs he was shot by a child who was suspicion to be in his teens, banishment 3 rounds into a unsuspecting soldiers head. The immature child afterwards threw a grenade during a remaining dual soldiers, withdrawal MacMillian and Anderson to run for cover. After a blast, MacMillian shot a child with his M-16/203 use purloin as he attempted to run upstairs. A second blast tore by a residence as a dual soldiers done their approach upstairs, sharpened started again revelation them there was another chairman in a house.

Both Anderson “Fish” and MacMillan had been harmed during a blast and knew they indispensable to get out of a house. Team 4 was about fifty feet from a glow hire and though orders Ed Lonecke and Lance Corporal Paul Aldrich collected their rigging and changed towards a house. Turning a dilemma Team 4 ran into Macmillian and Anderson saying their wounds were worse than creatively thought. Unconcerned with their lives they both yelled:

“Blake’s still in a house, Blake’s still in a house!”

The group went behind in to collect their depressed infantryman not meaningful either or not he was alive. Upon reentry of a house, a other mutinous who had substantially been on high warning from a prior rumpus started banishment again. Rounds from an AK-47 tore by a open partial of a stairwell in that Ed Lonecke had been attack him he forsaken to a ground. Paul Aldrich bravely went in after Lonecke and dragged him into a kitchen.

In Honor of The Wounded


The Marines of a Hell House that were pounded were photographed by Lucian Read creation a design one that became a many noted design taken in Iraq. The print shows 1st Sargent Bradley Kasal, exceedingly draining in a conflict and being carried by Lance Cpls Christopher Marquez and Dane Shaffer. Kasal who also was harmed and draining badly. Ten years after a print was taken there was a 7-foot-tall by 6-foot-wide sculpture done and is called “No Man Left Behind.” The that it stands during a Wounded Warrior Battalion formidable during Camp Pendleton, California as of Nov 2014.

Marines Times reports, that a Vietnam Veteran named Phelps, pronounced he hopes that a statues chain outward of outward of a Wounded soldier Battalion stands to remind a universe that Marines fought for others and now others are fighting for them as they recover. The conflict for Marines and other troops comparison is nonetheless to be over, though as a nation, they are prayed for, for their protected lapse home.

By Tracy Blake


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