FFS, Facebook

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For your convenience. For your security. To improved offer you. To offer we a best experience. To improved fit a destiny plans. To approve with regulations. To optimize a resources. These are a blandly infamous lies that companies invitation when they wish to take something divided from you. we suspicion we was used to this game, though this week we was indeed dissapoint by it again. Et tu, Facebook?

As of this week, I can, by counsel and malignant design, no longer send or accept Facebook messages on a mobile browser in my phone. And conjunction can you. You contingency implement a Messenger app instead — or, as we intend to, desert that functionality entirely.

The advantages to Facebook are obvious: It’s many improved for a association to have an commissioned app than a small web page accessed around browser. And positively it’s not a many controversial thing Facebook has ever done. It is, however, a many breathtakingly hypocritical.

“Founded in 2004, Facebook’s goal is to give people a energy to share and make a universe some-more open and connected.” Oh, a bleakly humorous irony. This pierce flies directly in a face of that supposed goal statement. It utterly literally strips us all of a now existent approach to share and connect, and drives us from a open companion Web into a walled — and sealed — garden.

So if we ever believed in that goal statement, we can stop now. Facebook’s design is to grow until it is globally ubiquitous. If it happens to incidentally make a universe some-more shared, open and connected while doing so, I’m certain Facebook’s mind trust will acquire this as a pleasing side effect, though it is frequency their mission. Their goal is to turn wealthier and some-more powerful.

(In box anyone indeed believes this change is to safety a peculiarity of a user experience: Don’t be ridiculous. Our phones today are slot supercomputers. If it works on your widescreen browser, it can work only excellent on your mobile browser, too.)

Don’t get me wrong. we don’t censure Zuck. Every flourishing house reaches a indicate during that many of a inner factions and fiefdoms become, from an inducement perspective, parasites some-more meddlesome in perpetuating themselves on a corpus of their host, rather than partial of a singular entity with a awake prophesy and policy. If we demeanour delicately we can see second- and third-order symptoms of that kind of corporate decay. It seems transparent to me that this is one of them.

This preference isn’t going to harm Facebook in any suggestive way, of course. Network effects meant never carrying to contend you’re sorry. But we strongly think that it’s a pointer that bit debase is environment in during One Hacker Way. Remember how for many of a decade Google could do no wrong, and then, circa 2010, a halo finally began to slip? There were small signs that led adult to that — signs like this one.

So keep a tighten eye on Facebook over a subsequent year or two. we envision some-more misses, some-more missteps, some-more awkward communication, some-more execution failures, some-more decisions that seem totally baffling to just observers not arcane to a inner politics. we also envision descending spirit and a creeping sense, among engineers, that it’s no longer utterly a top-tier place to work that it once was.

In a interim, we for one will stubbornly and pointlessly conflict this try to intrude on my phone. If we wish to summary me on Facebook, you’ll have to wait for a respond until we strech my laptop. Perhaps we can pass a time by considering how many some-more open and connected a universe is becoming.

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