Free Alternatives to Samsung Data Migration for Windows 10

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Receive an blunder about Samsung Data Migration in Windows 10 when cloning a disk? Now try a giveaway alternatives to effectively quit information to your Samsung SSD.

Disclaimer: greatfully always make backup duplicate of your files before regulating any of advices supposing here. If not sure, find a competent assistance before move on your own!

Samsung Data Migration Windows 10

In a quick building tough hoop market, HDD has been losing a recognition though SSD is personification an critical purpose due to a superb merits. Among mixed SSD brands, Samsung SSD is a higher given it combines a best hardware components, bringing top-ranking performance. Then, it is a intelligent choice to use a Samsung SSD as a complement hoop for a improved performance.

If we are regulating Windows 10 commissioned on an HDD, how to ascent your hoop to an SSD? To prove your need, Samsung Company has grown one apparatus called Samsung Data Migration to assistance we quit your OS and information from your existent storage device to your new Samsung SSD in Windows 10/8/7.

However, we might humour from Samsung Data Migration cloning unsuccessful issue. Actually, many users have complained this problem. Well then, what should we do to finish a information emigration in Windows 10? Follow a solutions next now.

The Solutions to Fix Cloning Failed Error

Here we collect some probable solutions to repair Samsung Data Migration cloning error. Follow a instructions below:

1. Perform HDD defragment.

Input “disk defragment” in Windows 10 hunt box, find a defragment apparatus to run it.

2. Disable page files.

Right-click This PC, navigate to Properties Advanced Performance Advanced. Then, click Change symbol to uncheck Automatically conduct paging record distance for all drives option. Next, name No Paging File.

3. Disable hibernation mode.

Note that hibernation mode is infirm by default in Windows 10. This approach should be finished by Command Prompt. Just run this tool, and form “powercfg /hibernate off”.

4. Disable complement revive indicate files.

Right-click This PC in Windows 10, enter System Protection add-on by clicking Properties and spin off Restore Point Protection for expostulate C.

5. Shrink or extend C assign a bit.

Then, bond your Samsung SSD to your mechanism and start a hoop cloning again.

But infrequently these ways can't assistance we to repair this issue. Here, we advise regulating an choice to Samsung Data Migration.

Alternatives to Samsung Data Migration Windows 10

While we hunt for this topic, we will find a Samsung SSD cloning program grown by these companies including Acronis, MiniTool and Paragon is recommended. Here, we will emphatically deliver we dual programs from MiniTool Solution Ltd. that has been tested by us.

MiniTool ShadowMaker for SSD Migration Windows 10

MiniTool ShadowMaker is one of a best veteran and giveaway backup program for your Windows 10/8/7. It is candid and giveaway totally. In addition, it can be a square of PC cloning software. By means of a Clone Disk feature, we are means to counterpart a whole complement hoop to another tough expostulate but losing data. Unlike elementary duplicate paste, hoop cloning allows we to foot your PC but handling complement and focus re-installation.

1. Run MiniTool ShadowMaker Free Edition and select to conduct your internal computer.

2. Enter Tools page and select Clone Disk

3. Enter a following window, click a analogous procedure to select source hoop and aim hoop for Samsung SSD migration. Ensure that there are no files saved on your Samsung SSD, otherwise, cloning routine will undo them.

4. Then, this giveaway backup program will start a cloning process.

MiniTool Partition Wizard – Samsung Data Migration Software Windows 10

MiniTool Partition Wizard, another tough expostulate cloning program for Windows, also offers we a best cloning experience. With a easy-to-use interface and absolute features, we still have an ability to do Samsung information emigration in Windows 10 for improved performance.

To quit Windows 10 to your Samsung SSD, this giveaway cloning program provides we with dual features, for example, Migrate OS to SSD/HD and Copy Disk.

  • If we wish to usually quit complement partitions from HDD to SSD, or quit a whole complement hoop information to SSD, we advise regulating Migrate OS to SSD/HD that is utterly useful.
  • Copy Disk is useful to counterpart complement hoop or information hoop to another tough drive.

1. Run MiniTool Partition Wizard to a categorical interface, and select a correct one to start Samsung SSD emigration in Windows 10. Here take a initial underline as an example.

2. Please establish that emigration mode we want.

3. Select your Samsung SSD as a aim hoop to store a source content.

4. Specify a duplicate choice and examination a changes we have made.

5. Know how to foot your Windows 10 from a aim SSD.

6. Execute all operations by attack Apply button.


In conclusion, information emigration from HDD to SSD is not complex. If we humour from cloning unsuccessful blunder with Samsung Data Migration, don’t worry. Just try some ways to repair or use an choice to grasp your aim.

Written by Anna Lan

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