From ref pulling pistol to Rosberg regulating spotless napkin in helmet: 2015’s weird moments in sport

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Novak Djokovic eating weed during Wimbledon, a pistol-packing arbitrate in Brazil or a Scottish goalkeeper travelling to a wrong belligerent for a game. It’s been a fender year for universe sports’ jaunty moments.

Here are 20 of a best:

Keeper drops vital clanger

Brechin goalkeeper Graeme Smith forsaken a biggest clanger of his career after nearing for his Scottish club’s diversion opposite Stenhousemuir to learn he had left to a wrong ground.

Smith had incited adult during Stenhousemuir’s Ochilview track for a League One strife when a fixtures was indeed holding place 83 miles divided during his team’s Glebe Park ground.

Novak Djokovic listens for a throng greeting after violation his opponent's serve. APNovak Djokovic listens for a throng greeting after violation his opponent's serve. AP

Novak Djokovic – weed eater. AP

Smith faced a debate of over 90 mins to make it for kick-off, though he managed to competition to Angus in time to take his place in a starting line-up.

For a adore of a game

Spanish football side Getafe launched a smartphone focus to assistance fans offshoot adult during matches, anticipating supporters would integrate and boost a club’s fanbase by creation Getafe-loving babies.

The bar pronounced a “Getafinder” worked like a renouned app Tinder in assisting users accommodate intensity friends nearby, though it will customarily work nearby a side’s Alfonso Perez track in a Madrid suburbs.

“Getafe is historically one of a football clubs with a fewest fans and a many dull stands in a initial division,” a bar pronounced in a statement.

“With this app we can find out a Getafe fan we like best in finish anonymity. And if someone we like likes we too, make a compare and procreate!”

Jets on a roll

The New York Jets were so dynamic to knowledge all a amenities of home during their outing to face a Miami Dolphins in London that they packaged 350 rolls of their possess toilet paper.

The NFL franchise’s comparison manager of group operations told a New York Times that a Jets were bringing their possess thick toilet paper to a English collateral rather than relying on a thinner chronicle Britons are used to.

“Some might contend that’s a small over a top, though it didn’t unequivocally cost that much, so since not?” Aaron Degerness told a newspaper.

Whistle? Check; Cards? Check; Pistol? Check

When things started to go wrong during a Brazilian pledge football game, a arbitrate took impassioned action. Reach for a card? No. He went for his gun!

Players and staff of a Amantes da Bola and Brumahdinho teams brawled with arbitrate Gabriel Murta removing kicked and slapped during a melee. So instead of reaching into his shirt for a card, he went behind to a changing room for his firearm.

Video footage emerged of a arbitrate brandishing a handgun during players before being led divided by other compare officials.

No arrests were made, though according to Globo journal a arbitrate was to be given a psychological evaluation.

Azarenka fights to ‘pinish’ during US Open

Victoria Azarenka combined a new word to a tennis dictionary after her US Open third turn win opposite Angelique Kerber — ‘pinish.’

During changeovers, a Belarusian was speckled consulting a array of motivational, self-help tips.

When asked to exhibit one, she said, ‘pinish.’

“It was my coach’s suspicion — it’s a multiple of ‘punish’ and ‘finish’,” pronounced former Australian Open champion Azarenka.

Czech footballers punished with tough labour

Banik Ostrava manager Radomir Korytar strike on a novel approach of penalising his players for a run of bad performances — sentencing them to a spell of tough labour.

Equipped with hoes, rakes, spades and saws, a players collected during 0645 each morning to work on improving a demeanour of their training centre.

Korytar pronounced a players would during slightest know “what they are in for if they don’t do their jobs properly”.

“There are some who have supposed it with good humour, though others grumble, for instance (Brazilian midfielder) Dyjan Carlos de Azevedo has complained that his arms hurt,” he told a Czech Sport daily.

Taylor’s automobile antics leave owners stumped

Former Zimbabwe captain Brendan Taylor was detected defunct in someone else’s automobile after Nottinghamshire’s feat over Durham in English county cricket’s One-Day Cup.

Michael Whitaker was withdrawal for work when he found someone fibbing in his unbarred Chevrolet Matiz. It incited out to be a 29-year-old Taylor.

Pistol time. YouTube screengrab from Brazilian pledge compare in that arbitrate pulled a pistol.Pistol time. YouTube screengrab from Brazilian pledge compare in that arbitrate pulled a pistol.

Pistol time. YouTube screengrab from Brazilian pledge compare in that arbitrate pulled a pistol.

“Neither myself, a military or Brendan knew what to do,” Whitaker told a Nottingham Post.

“I don’t consider he knew where he was though he was really apologetic and it fast became transparent that it was really innocent.”

Whitaker added: “Realising who it was finished it even funnier since how mostly do we find an general cricket star defunct in your car?”

Putt a question! Player proposes to partner on course

Danish golfer Andreas Harto missed a cut during a Made in Denmark tournament, though was still celebrating after proposing to his partner on a 16th green.

The 27-year-old finished a birdie, thereafter gestured to his dumbfounded girlfriend, Louise, who was examination from a sidelines and got down on one knee before plucking a trinket box from his pocket.

“I couldn’t contend any difference and we didn’t hear her contend ‘yes’, so we had to ask her thereafter and luckily she did wish to marry me so I’m a propitious man.”

Sting when you’re winning — bees stop play

A overflow of bees pounded an English pre-season football friendly, with a bee-keeper carrying to be called to transparent a hive.

The occurrence happened during Oldham’s belligerent in north-west England where a home side were to face Blackburn Rovers with photographs display a bees had built a hive around a goalposts during one end.

“You can't BEE serious? Hope everybody is brisk down today…,” tweeted Oldham FC.

Wimbledon champion Djokovic munches a bunch

Novak Djokovic distinguished his third Wimbledon pretension with a nip of a famed Centre Court grass.

“It tasted very, really good this year. we don’t know what a drift people have finished though they have finished a good job,” pronounced Djokovic after violence Roger Federer 7-6 (7/1), 6-7 (10/12), 6-4, 6-3 in a final.

Leg to differ! Djokovic autographs fan’s prosthetic

When Djokovic breezed into a Wimbledon fourth round, he was asked by a wheelchair-bound fan to designation his prosthetic leg as he left Centre Court.

“The lady gave me his synthetic leg…I wish to be politically scold about it,” smiled Djokovic. “I gave him my signature. we wish it will make him feel better.”

Tent stops play in Australia debate opener

There was a weird occurrence in a final eventuality of play during Australia’s cricket debate opener opposite Kent in Canterbury when a witness pitched a tent on a outfield and went inside it before rising in a span of shorts and drifting helmet.

He returned to his tent again, with confidence staff initial perplexing to gold him off a outfield while he was still in it. He re-emerged, bent to spectators and was thereafter escorted off a outfield.

A male pursuit himself #Discoboy @Leeplumberdj, who had those difference displayed on his chest, after claimed credit for a stunt.

“I only wanted a improved view,” he tweeted, before adding: “Apparently camping is forbidden. we suspicion we had a right season.”

Pavlov in dog residence after 17 on initial hole

Russian golfer Andrey Pavlov carded a record measure during a Austrian Open though not a kind he’ll remember fondly after sharpened an annoying 17 on a par-five initial hole.

He found a H2O 6 times on his approach to a 17, restraining a neglected record for many strokes during one hole in a European Tour eventuality that was set by Chris Gane during Gleneagles in 2003.

The all-time misfortune measure for one hole is 20 carded by Philippe Porquier during a 1978 French Open. Pavlov finished on 90 and a two-round sum 161.

Pearson’s ostrich moment

Former Leicester City manager Nigel Pearson indicted a publisher of being “an ostrich” during a rare harangue following his side’s 3-1 detriment during home to Chelsea.

Ian Baker, who was covering a compare for AFP, asked Pearson to elaborate after he told his post-match press discussion that his players had had to understanding with “criticism and negativity”.

“Have we been on holiday for 6 months? Have we been divided for 6 months?” responded Pearson.

“Your doubt is positively unbelievable, a fact we do not know where we am entrance from. If we don’t know a answer to that doubt thereafter we consider we are an ostrich. Your conduct contingency be in a sand.”

Pearson, who after left his pursuit during a club, also mocked Baker’s voice and described him as “very stupid”, though after apologised.

Ajax happy to be mummy’s boys

The players of Dutch champions Ajax walked onto a representation for their final home diversion of a deteriorate palm in palm with their mothers to symbol Mother’s Day.

With a pretension already wrapped up, a Dutch giants took a event to put a new turn on a normal pre-match protocol where internal children customarily act as mascots for a players.

“#MothersDay! If they can’t revisit us on #matchday, let’s revisit them!,” @AFCAjax_EN wrote on a bar Twitter feed.

Pregnant postponement for Andy and Andy

Andy Murray saw a humorous side when a US luminary repository incidentally captioned a British tennis star as a unapproachable new father instead of former universe series one Andy Roddick.

Roddick and his wife, singer and indication Brooklyn Decker announced that they were awaiting their initial baby.

However, when People CelebWatch tweeted a design of a couple, it was headlined: “Andy Murray and Brooklyn Decker Expecting First Child”.

My tip is a spotless napkin, what's yours?. APMy tip is a spotless napkin, what's yours?. AP

My tip is a spotless napkin, what’s yours?. AP

“Not certain my mother and @andyroddick will be best gratified to find these out around Twitter! #error,” tweeted Murray.

Roddick, a former US Open leader and a three-time Wimbledon runner-up, also saw a lighter side.

“@andy_murray @BrooklynDecker …… Murray …… Hide,” tweeted a 32-year-old American.

Davis Cup leader Murray and his mother Kim are awaiting their initial child in February.

Sanitary towel repair for sweaty Rosberg

Heat and steam are a long-lived problem during a Malaysian Grand Prix though Mercedes motorist Nico Rosberg had a singular resolution — wearing a spotless towel inside his helmet.

“Actually we do have arrange of a wipe in my helmet, it is my trick, though we can tell you. we put a woman’s… erm… what do we call them? The thing we put in your underwear.”

When a interviewer suggested “Tights?”, Rosberg replies, “No, inside a underwear”, before a tenure “sanitary towel” was volunteered.

“Sanitary towel — we put that on my front in my helmet to take adult a sweat,” reliable a driver.

Captivated — Indian jail installs wire for World Cup

Authorities during a jail in cricket-mad India commissioned wire radio after a decider pronounced they had to safeguard inmates could watch a World Cup.

“Prisoners need distraction for a healthy mind,” Judge A. K. Goswami pronounced as he systematic bosses during a executive jail in a city of Guwahati to implement wire TV.

Taking a pizza? Couple’s 1,400-mile Super Bowl delivery

A Canadian integrate went to impassioned lengths as they prepared to watch a Super Bowl by fixation a pizza smoothness sequence from their favorite grill — some-more than 1,400 miles away.

Lee and Carol Brown, who recently changed to Regina, Saskatchewan from Windsor, Ontario, told Canadian media they placed a sequence after unwell to find a internal pizza parlor to their liking.

So as a Browns hunkered down for a American football showpiece they’ll be tucking into an extra-large cake pleasantness of Windsor’s Arcata Pizza, weighing in during CAN$140 (US$110).

Most of a cost was engrossed by a smoothness price charged by UPS.

Pakistan actor strike for 6 by spook sighting

A Pakistani cricketer on debate in New Zealand was strike for 6 when he saw what he believed was a spook vivid him in his hotel room.

Haris Sohail was assured a “supernatural” participation was vivid him when he awoke to find his bed moving, group manager Naveed Akram Cheema said.

Cheema pronounced that Sohail called a member of a coaching staff who arrived to find a 26-year-old all-rounder “visibly shaken”.

Sohail, a left-arm spinner and middle-order batsman, spent a rest of a night in a coach’s room during a Rydges Latimer hotel in Christchurch before being changed to another room.

A fan tweeted: “You’ve faced down Shaitaan (the devil), a Kiwis should be easy. Best wishes.”