Funny Lady Hitches A Ride On Her Horse To Get A Snack At Wendy’s

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Marcella Gruchalak has always wanted to go by a drive-thru on a horse. In fact, she’s says it’s been on her bucket list for years.

You can suppose a Pennsylvania woman’s delight, then, when she finally got a possibility to do so on Feb 10. She’d only taken her horse, Buns, to a fundraiser in Dormont, Pennsylvania, for a Children’s Hospital when on her approach behind home to a horse’s stable, she done a discerning stop during a Wendy’s in Fox Chapel.

There she took Buns for a brief float by a drive-thru, grouping him a tiny chocolate Frosty as onlookers giggled and stared.

(via Daily Mail)

Shelly Tate, a lady who available a video, says they delicately pulled into a well-lit area but a lot of traffic, adding that they done certain Buns was protected a whole time. It looks like he was rewarded flattering handsomely as well, deliberation he got a Frosty AND some juicy apples.