‘Gentleman’ review: Nani and Niveda are a stars of this retaining thriller

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The environment of Mohanakrishna Indraganti’s Gentleman is flattering simple: girl (Catherine) meets child (Gowtham), child uses all a tricks in a book to stir a lady and voila, we are presented with a commencement of a romantic comedy.

In a together story, another lady (Aishwarya) meets a child (Jai) by her parents. Their communion brings together dual large families, and they take off on a outing to Kodaikanal, to get to know any other better.

We are introduced to both a stories of Gentleman, when Catherine (played by Niveda Thomas) and Aishwarya (played by Surabhi) accommodate on a flight. This is indicate when we realize that Gentleman is not so simple.

They both plead their stories during length, and here’s a clincher: Jai and Gowtham are matching (played by Nani). We’re left with one crucial questions during a finish of this scene: Are Gowtham and Jai a same person, or do they merely demeanour alike?

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Nani and Niveda in ‘Gentleman’.

Nani reminds us of some-more of a character Gowtham, as he’s played it a integrate of times before in films like Ala Modalaindi. With Jai, however, he turns classy, though retains the chocolate child image. Nani’s quick and smart dialogues in these sequences are not new to his fans, and are a prominence in a film.

But now we wonder, what next?

In a treacherous set of scenes, we are shown how a 4 characters meet, and are declare to how they don’t have together lives anymore. Catherine starts operative in Jai’s company, Aishwarya and Catherine turn best friends and is also around during a marriage preparations.

You need to watch a film from this indicate to locate up, but you will not be disappointed. The turn isn’t too obvious, and keeps we bending via a film. Nani carries off both a characters facilely and gives us adequate reasons to be curious.

Gentleman stands out from a typical, movement drama, and what we have here is a really pointed thriller that grows into you.

Both a actresses do a good pursuit with their roles; Surabhi as Aishwarya is elementary and naïve, like a impression demands, though Niveda as Catherine stands out. She is natural, discerning and is a lovely mangle from a common description of womanlike leads in unchanging dramas.

As a clues tumble together by a second half, we get a feeling that a story line could have been stronger, usually since thrillers should be means to reason a torment a small longer. Personally, if we are one of those who enjoys a film but most suspicion and we let a executive tell we a good, interesting story, then this thriller works, and it is majorly since of a actors.

The torment continues compartment a finish and a large reason for that is a credentials measure by Manisharma. Nani keeps us on a hook; his disastrous shades in a second half are flattering considerable and offer a rightful purpose.

With his prior films like Yevade Subramanyam and Bhale Bhale Mogadivay, Nani had managed to build a certain volume of trust among a assembly with his clever performances. In Gentleman as well, he doesn’t let us down. Niveda, too, creates us wish to see some-more of her. The Papanasam singer should take adult some-more desirous projects for her talent and capability is a vital prominence in Gentleman.

Gentleman is value a watch, and is a finish package.