Get Viola Davis’ Burgundy Dress Outfit From “How To Get Away With Murder”

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Photos: ABC 

With her extreme celebrity and corporate stylish style, there’s zero utterly like Viola Davis’ sense from How To Get Away With Murder. The Emmy Award-winning singer plays heading lady, profession and highbrow Annalise Keating, and also manages to stir with her sartorial choices. In this week’s episode, Davis looks stylish in a propitious burgundy dress and a neat black blazer. Here’s how to get her demeanour for yourself, either we wish to slay during that large assembly or make a good initial sense during your subsequent pursuit interview.

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Maria Bianco Nero Courtney Drape Front Sheath Dress, $372: We are fondness this wine-coloured blanket dress, that facilities pointed ruching and a mid-length hemline. The sleeveless sense and high neckline assistance to emanate a delicate effect.

Kasper Crepe One-Button Jacket, $90: With a mistake pockets and singular button, this undying blazer can also facilely finish your outfit. The deeper neckline will concede we to uncover off your dress, with a propitious conformation to raise curves.

HUGO Afrona Blazer, $575: Try layering your blanket dress with this tailored nap blazer. The confidant buttons and curve-hugging fit hang adult a style, while a simple black colour is a classical choice.