Giveaway: Turn Your 3D Printer into a Laser Cutter with Lasers from Endurance

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D copy isn’t a usually digital phony record out there, of course. There’s CNC machining, and afterwards there’s laser slicing and engraving. Each has a possess singular benefits, though it’s costly to deposit in all of that equipment. There are easier and reduction costly ways, however, like branch your 3D printer into a laser cutter/laser engraver.

Endurance Lasers sells not usually standalone laser cutters and laser engravers though attachments that concede we to spin your 3D printer or CNC appurtenance into a laser knife as well. According to Endurance, a lasers are among a many absolute and modernized laser cutters out there, able of slicing and/or cast a far-reaching accumulation of materials including ABS and PLA plastic, plywood, wood, acrylic, cardboard, hardboard, felt, leather, stone, glass, aluminum, ceramics and more. They cut quick and cut deep, absolute adequate to cut 4mm of timber in one pass or 8mm of acrylic in 3 passes. They can also engrave on copper and anodized aluminum.

They’re also intensely easy to implement on your 3D printer or CNC machine, and can work invariably for 48 hours. Now, and Endurance Lasers are giving we a possibility to try one for free. In a latest giveaway, we’re charity dual winners a laser engraver/cutter connection for any FDM 3D printer. It’s easy and giveaway to enter, and we can enter mixed times.

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The giveaway will be using until a finish of a second week of February, and we can enter each day if we like. For those who don’t win this time, we can still get 25% off any Endurance laser by entering a banking code 3DPrint_giveaway_coupon during checkout.

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