Gold And Silver Remain Unchanged – The Entire Paper World Got Smashed

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Gold And Silver Remain Unchanged - The Entire Paper World Got Smashed

Gold And Silver Remain Unchanged – The Entire Paper World Got Smashed

We wrote a following essay final Tuesday as a effect of expanding on a pivotal word “security” and what is a impact for many of us.  Then BREXIT happened on Friday.  Actually, BREXIT is all about security, regard about personal certainty for those who voted to get out of a chosen spider trap called a EU.  A  few thoughts on that will be combined following what was already prepared.

What is one of a many critical feelings one can have for him of her self, for one’s family?  In a word, security.  Security that one is protected in their daily existence, from a time they leave home in a morning until a time they lapse during a finish of a day, and all a time in between.  Security that their desired ones are always safe.  Security that their efforts for creation a life for themselves, for a raise of their family will not be taken away. Security that what one accumulates in a routine of life will always be there.

Is that seeking too much?

If we ask your family, your neighbors, your friends, all will contend no.  If we ask a government, we will be noticed as a controversial domestic militant for deliberation anything that is not supervision promoted and sanctioned.

Since when did a supervision turn a Uberlord over all?  Who gave that permission? No one!  The supervision took it, and in a taking, a supervision has snatched divided everyone’s security.

Where did it start?  Follow a money.

When were a many moneyed and secure times for everybody [we will concentration on America to keep it simple, not to be narcissistic]?  When a United States was initial on a china customary until 1834, and afterwards on a bullion customary until 1914, they were deliberate a many moneyed of times, and there were no taxes, no IRS, no rude government.

The United States was effectively on a china customary until 1834, thereafter, it was on a bullion customary until 1914, with a disproportion of a Greenback epoch (1862- 1879). No other countries have been on a bullion customary for so prolonged and, not coincidentally, no others have been so comparatively moneyed as these dual were during their bullion customary eras.  The same can be pronounced of Britain when it was on a bullion customary for roughly 200 years, starting in a early 1700s.

Gold and china were autarchic income during those times.  Everyone who had them also had financial security.  Those who had small or nothing were still beneficiaries of certainty given that is what a prevalent clarity was during a time.  Some have always been improved off than others, yet a have-nots had their possess relations globe of security.

Not today.  The Rothschilds have radically been a progenitors of what has turn a globalist’s bulletin of formulating a New World Order to sequence over everybody and everything. How did it come about?  How has a fabric of certainty that used to be a cocoon any family spun for themselves rise usually to have it ripped apart, and also of societies, even nations?

They took divided a gold.  They took divided a one thing that represented financial certainty as a building retard for financial and personal independence.  No one indispensable supervision when they had their possess ability to be giveaway of outward control, that radically means giveaway of supervision control.  The devise of a Rothschilds-cum-globalists has always been to take divided all a bullion and reinstate it with gigantic debt in a form of paper fiat.

The existence of certainty had gradually been transposed with a apparition of paper wealth.  The globalists counted on a public’s stupidity of what income is during their bait-and-switch from unique value of bullion and china to a void of a notice that paper was as good as gold.  It worked.

During a china and bullion standards, a value of a then-lawful dollar frequency altered over a camber of 100 years.  Since a globalist’s foreign-owned Federal Reserve usurped a US Constitution and took control of a US income supply [as Rothschild doubled over with delight from his grave], a value of a 1913 Federal Reserve Note currently is value about a few cents, give or take a penny.

Where once resources and certainty reigned for centuries, over a camber of a final century, people now scuttle about like lab rats, perplexing to eke out an existence while supervision interferes with any singular aspect of daily life, where Orwell’s 1984 has turn benefaction tense, indeed starting good before 1984, by many decades.

“Four legs good, dual legs bad.”  The elites have used denunciation to control and [mis]lead a masses.

Gold and china have been transposed by paper [debt], cosmetic [debt], and now digitized accounting of debt [in a guise of ostensible wealth].  The frogs [public] are hot themselves alive, and sadly, those being boiled still demeanour to a supervision that controls a feverishness as mocking “saviors.”  Black has turn white.  Lies have turn truths.  Life is a consistent form of anxiety.  People are not happy.

How is it that a aim of a Nobel Peace Prize wants supervision control of guns in America as his possess supervision arms a rest of a universe with a deadliest weapons famous to man?

How is it that people have authorised themselves to turn so deficiently conditioned not to see a pomposity behind any form of government?

Even among those who possess and reason bullion and silver, their minds have still successfully been conditioned.  But to their credit, their inherited clarity that not all is as it seems in a mistake “real world” that exists during a insistence of a globalists and carried out by those who are in control of governments, including those who were never inaugurated yet still control a EU, buying and owning bullion and china is a many lucid act one can do.

“Stop The World, we Want To Get Off” is a pretension from a 1966 low-pitched where a protagonist realizes who he is and why, after 35 years of creation his decisions.  Those who opt to possess and privately reason bullion and china are creation a best probable preference and mount a best possibility in life.  There might never be a lapse to a ubiquitous certainty that bullion and china once openly represented, yet owning possibly or both is a closest one will ever come to enjoying whatever grade once can in being secure in a unequivocally uncertain world.

“Four legs good, bullion and china better.”

As to BREXIT, a closer it came to voting, a some-more confident a REMAIN stay became, generally after a meaningless murdering of Jo Cox, a British MP who adored a EU. We commented on that tragedy, final week [Insanity Is World “Norm,” see pars 19-21]. The night before a vote, it became tighten to being taken for postulated that REMAIN would prevail.  Our seductiveness in a opinion had a opposite turn to it.

On Monday, 20 June, we posted an article, “BREXIT: As Above, So Below,”  It was not an essay so many as it was a repost from an Australian astrologer who is a Gann advocate, as we used to be many years back.  With a Summer Solstice and, some-more importantly, an cheerless Saturn flitting over London during a time of a vote, [As Above, that that is occurring in a stars, impacts that occurs on earth, So Below.]  From this perspective, a government’s wish to sojourn in a EU seemed doomed.

Would it a Saturn astrological aspect destroy and a elite’s supervision prevail, in light of a self-satisfied certainty of those in energy on a night before and into a day of a vote? The formula incited out to be a shocker for those politicians in energy seeking to make their will over a people so ruled.  We have been smiling ever given a formula for exit were confirmed, and we trust Olga Morales was smiling even more.

All of a marketplace response and shake weighs many heavily opposite those who combined all of these unsafe financial conditions, mostly a bankers themselves, frankly abetted by politicians beholding to a monied interests.  Probably, those slightest influenced and not carrying an clarity of panic are those who possess and reason bullion and silver.  In fact, their value of land increasing with no risk bearing to a panicking paper markets.

However, it is not over.  Never design a elites to only hurl over and go away.  They have too many during stake.  Typically, for those unelected politicians using a EU, whenever there is a opinion opposite their interests, they reason another, and another if need be, until a electorate “get it right.”  We also mentioned that a opinion is non-binding.  The politicians can find a approach not to have it enforced.

Given that all politicians are liars and their existence contingent on a financial nipple of a elite’s executive bankers, that is how a executive bankers have set it adult in sequence to contend to control over governments, we design a will of a British people to eventually be ignored.  We would adore to be proven wrong.

The charts contend to design some-more misunderstanding in a entrance days and weeks as a fallout settles in and sorts matters out.  The pivotal for bullion and china owners is to wait for clearer and reduction riskier opportunities that will arise in a weeks ahead.  Owners and holders of earthy metals are saying their land improve, and over time, they will urge even more.  We all know it is not “if,” yet when.  Each flitting month gets us closer to the fugitive and different “when.”

If we knew when, we would say.  All that can be definitively settled is that it will not be a day before it indeed happens, and even then, it will be a routine over time.  It could be that we are already in a “when” window of time, yet it can't be reliable until after a fact.

Keep shopping and privately holding earthy bullion and silver.  Last Friday, we witnessed accurately what happens to paper resources when people remove certainty and panic.  You also witnessed a preview of what is nonetheless to come:  days of bullion rallying $100, china $1.  There will be some-more of those days, and even in incomparable gains.

Political solutions and domestic promises are all false, such as those done by a EU, Cameron [Pinocchio man], Merkel, as many a treacherous liar as Obama himself.  The disproportion between Cameron and Obama?  At slightest Cameron had adequate within him to do a right thing and offer to renounce after unwell to defend a elite’s template of forced domestic labour of a masses.  Obama is vale to a core, no matter how countless his failures.  He brags about them as yet they were victories

The dual dim plane lines on a weekly bullion draft are prior disaster highs that will offer insurgency during some indicate in a future.  The Apr unsuccessful pitch high stopped during a Jan 2015 identical high failure.  Friday’s panic shopping in bullion saw a subsequent turn tested, a Jun 2014 unsuccessful pitch high.  Gold has rallied $150 in a past month.  Some subsidy and stuffing would be healthy for this market.

The unusually far-reaching operation for a week might lead to some-more of a laterally trade affair. It is harder to conclude paper risks during these times.  For earthy purchases, we see no risk.  You possess it.  No one can take to from we or amalgamate it.  An unit of bullion is always an unit of gold.  It is totalled by fiat pieces or paper.  Remember, when bullion goes from $1,200 to $1,300, in dollar terms, it did not go adult in value.  Instead, a series of fiats increasing by $100 in sequence to squeeze that same unit that has not changed.

It is mocking that many contend there is already a longhorn marketplace in bullion when totalled by a Euro or a Pound, for example.  No.  The fact that it takes some-more and some-more Euros or Pounds to buy a same unit of bullion is an confirmation that a fiat paper has mislaid some-more of a viewed hypothetical value.  An unit of bullion stays unchanged.  It is a deteriorating  so-called “value” of fiat currencies that have worsened mercantile conditions.

GC W 25 Jun16

Keeping things elementary in a stream universe of chaos, let those who select to understanding in official whim, [which also defines what a fiat banking unequivocally is], try to clear a imaginary as carrying value.  It is an practice in futility, a fact Precious Metals holders have famous over question.  The EU “emperors” are wearing no clothes, and a British people only concurred it in their vote.  All of a huge disruptions in a markets are an try to determine people’s existence and what they wish for themselves opposite domestic deceits by those in control in sequence to get what they want, always during a responsibility of people.

The cost adjustments simulate a push-pull of people v politicians, and a operation between a mort new spike high, during 1362, and a low, during 1262, is many approaching a operation where a onslaught for control will evolve.  This risks are accessible to anyone, any day.  The event for distinction is not accessible any day, during slightest not though carrying to take undue risk in a process.  We select to wait for a event that arise reduction frequently.

GC D 25 Jun 16

We still see china outperforming gold, in a future.  The draft structure is improved for bullion that it is for silver.  Yet, a gold:silver ratio has come in from 84:1 down to 74:1, +/- on any given day.  This means china is outperforming bullion on a relations basis.  We have no specific target, yet a luck grows that a gold:silver ratio can come in to 40:1, 30:1, 20:1.  The ancestral attribute has been 15:1, so that is not out of a question.

SI W 25 Jun 16

We showed how a prior far-reaching operation bar on increasing volume determined a cost operation for china [seven trade days ago].  Friday constructed an even incomparable range.  No horizontal lines were drawn to not upset a matter.  Now, a approaching operation within that china might trade in a days, weeks forward is 17.10 +/- on a low side to 18.37+/- on a high side.

It is controversial if any tradable event will arise within that comparatively slight range, so calm is a beam for a evident future, unless one is shopping earthy silver. For a physical, a time to buy is any and any time we have a accessible supports to dedicate toward stacking, and one can never smoke-stack too high.

SI D 25 Jun  16





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