Gold Market Heading Towards A Big Fundamental Change

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Gold Market Heading Towards A Big Fundamental Change

Gold Market Heading Towards A Big Fundamental Change

The bullion marketplace is streamer towards a immeasurable elemental change that few are prepared.  While many analysts in a choice media village advise that a bullion cost is manipulated due to Fed and Central bank intervention, there is another some-more problematic motive that is a expected culprit.  we call it, “The Blind Conspiracy.”

But, before we get into a sum of this Blind Conspiracy, there are a few unequivocally discouraging developments in a choice media village that we would like to plead first.  The bulk of these concerns has to do with a augmenting volume of inadequate investigate and misinformation as good as a peddling of lousy swindling theories on a internet.

Why is this a immeasurable problem?  Because a lot of readers are being misled as to a loyal inlet of a vicious difficulty we are facing.  Half of a emails that we accept are from readers who are bringing adult doubts formed on other analysts’ inadequate investigate and misinformation.  Thus, it takes a good understanding of bid to yield a genuine contribution and information to negate a repairs being finished by certain individuals, even those with good intentions.

Furthermore, an augmenting series of ostensible changed metals analysts have switched over to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, desiring that bullion and china will no longer duty as financial metals.  However, some of these analysts advise that china will still be profitable given it will be used as vicious tender element in modernized products in a new HIGH-TECH WORLD.  I find this suspicion of a destiny complicated high-tech universe definitely comical when we can’t even contend a unwell formidable infrastructure we are now using.

American Society Of Civil Engineers 2017:  U.S. Infrastructure Grade Is…???

According to a Amercian Society Of Civil Engineers, ASCE, they usually came out with their class this year for U.S. infrastructure.  Does anyone wish to theory what altogether class we perceived here in a good ole U.S. of A?  The ASCE gave us a D+:

Well, during slightest a D+ isn’t an “F” grade.  Here is a ASCE’s Infrastructure Report Card Grading Scale for receiving a “D”:

The infrastructure is in bad to satisfactory condition and mostly subsequent standard, with many elements coming a finish of their use life. A immeasurable apportionment of a complement exhibits poignant deterioration. Condition and ability are of vicious regard with clever risk of failure.

The ASCE U.S. Infrastructure Report also provides apart grades for opposite aspects of U.S. infrastructure.  For example, a U.S. Energy Infrastructure perceived a “D+” as well.  This is a brief outline of a Energy Infrastructure:

Much of a U.S. appetite complement predates a spin of a 21st century. Most electric delivery and placement lines were fabricated in a 1950s and 1960s with a 50-year life expectancy, and a some-more than 640,000 miles of high-voltage delivery lines in a reduce 48 states’ appetite grids are during full capacity.

Moreover, a news states that $4.5 trillion needs to be invested 2016-2025 to lift a U.S. infrastructure to a “B’ Grade.  However, usually $2.5 trillion has been budgeted.  Thus, we are $2 trillion brief of a sum volume needed.  Regardless, we doubt we will be means to spend anywhere tighten to a budgeted $2.5 trillion over a subsequent decade for a infrastructure.  Unfortunately, we see a U.S. Government and private zone using into vicious financial difficulty by 2020 as a large volume of debt and derivatives finally take down a system.

So, a doubt remains.  How are we going to pierce into a new HIGH-TECH universe if we can’t even contend a stream infrastructure?

The suspicion that we can move on some new “Energy Technology” fails to cruise a extensive volume of tender materials, manufacturing, transportation, and logistics to scold and contend a stream infrastructure.  You see, we have many bigger problems than usually replacing an appetite source or technology.  But, to know that principle, we contingency demeanour past extraneous meditative and “Silver-Bullet appetite technologies.”

Now, if we hear certain analysts suggesting that bullion and china will no longer be used as income in a destiny given cryptocurrencies will take over a financial purpose in a new high-tech world, we might wish to strike them and yield a couple to a U.S. Infrastructure D+ Grade Report.

Destroying Once Again…. Certain Myths About The Gold Market

If we collected an unit of bullion for each email that we have perceived about plainly fake bullion misconceptions and conspiracies; we could buy one ruin of a lot of silver….LOL.  Gosh, if we went behind to my email folder and combined adult all a emails on this subject, it would series good over 500 in my 10 years edition articles in a choice media community.  However, we continue to accept a same form of emails given people are still being misled.

Before we begin, let me contend that we concentration my work on disproving a inadequate investigate by other individuals, and not directing anything disastrous towards a person.  we am adamantly opposite a suspicion of “targeting a messenger.”  Rather, we like to aim a inadequate message.  So, there is zero personal in my try to set a record straight.

Let me start off by saying…. THERE AREN’T MILLIONS OF TONS OF HIDDEN GOLD in a world.  Anyone who continues to trust this needs to compensate tighten courtesy to a following information.

One of my readers sent me a following new YouTube video by Bix Weir, patrician “Vast Gold Riches Hidden In The Grand Canyon“:

In a video, Bix quotes a New York Times essay published on Jun 19, 1912, that admitted immeasurable bullion cache in a Grand Canyon.  According to Bix, this large bullion find is what stirred a starting of a Federal Reserve given billions of ounces of new bullion from a Grand Canyon dumped into a marketplace would destroy a financial system.

While this might sound trustworthy to a layman, if we delicately review a essay and do some additional research, we will come to a many opposite finish than what Mr. Weir is suggesting.

First, Bix creates a grave blunder during a talk when he states “billions of ounces of gold,” rather than “billions of Dollars of gold.”  Here is a shred of a article:

There’s a immeasurable disproportion between a billion ounces of bullion and a billion dollars value of gold.  For example, a marketplace cost of bullion in 1912 was $20.65 an ounce.  If we assume that $2 billion value of bullion was extracted from a Grand Canyon, it would equal approximately 100 million oz of gold.  If we take it a step serve and modify it to metric tons, it would equal 3,110 metric tons…. a figure many many reduce than one million tons settled by Mr. Weir.

Second, a essay provides us with an suspicion of a unequivocally low peculiarity of a bullion found in a sediment on a banks of a Grand Canyon:

As we can see, a particular in assign of a mining operation in a Grand Canyon settled that a value of bullion was value 50 cents per yard.  When bullion miners impute to a “yard,” they meant a cubic yard or a volume that equals 1.3 tons.  With an unit of bullion value $20 in 1912, 50 cents a yard is a little volume of gold.  Thus, 50 cents value of bullion in a yard is approximately 0.025 oz or one-fortieth of an unit of gold.

Let’s review a ostensible immeasurable Grand Canyon bullion cache value 50 cents a yard to a bullion mining that took place in Alaska during a same period.  According to a information supposing by the U.S. Bureau of Mines in 1912 Report:

This draft represents “Placer” bullion mining in Alaska, that was a same form of bullion mining that took place on a banks of a Grand Canyon.  Placer bullion mining is a routine of soaking bullion from gravel, sediment or silt.  Lode mining is extracting bullion ores from veins in rock.  Here we can see that a normal value of bullion recovered in Alaska in 1912 was $2.10 per cubic yard.  Now, given on earth would anyone wish to go to a remote plcae in a Grand Canyon and cave bullion for 50 cents a yard when we could accept 4 times as many in Alaska???  Please, someone brazen that information to Mr. Weir.

Third, a suspicion of extracting Billions of Dollars of bullion from a Grand Canyon fails logistics miserably.  Let’s overlook  Mr. Weir’s blunder in quoting billions of ounces of bullion rather than billion dollars of bullion and cruise a extensive logistics of mining that volume bullion out of a Grand Canyon.  According to a same U.S. Bureau of Mines 1912 Report related above, Alaska constructed a sum of 7.4 million oz of bullion value $154 million between 1880 and 1912:

So, in over 3 decades of mining placer bullion in Alaska, a sum volume was $154 million.  Furthermore, a value of a bullion per yard was expected many aloft between 1880-1900.  Regardless, it took a good understanding of tellurian resources, energy, and collateral to furnish a $154 million value of bullion and a many ever constructed in one year during that time-period in Alaska, was 1,066,000 oz of bullion in 1906 valued during over $22 million.

Which brings us to a subsequent judicious conclusion…. was it ever probable for anyone to furnish billions of dollars value of bullion valued during 50 cents a yard in a Grand Canyon when a tiny commission of that volume ($154 million) took over 3 decades to furnish in Alaska?  Hell, even during a strong California Gold Rush of 1848, a rise year of 3.9 million ounces in 1852 was usually value $80 million.  However, a normal annual bullion prolongation for a California bullion rush was usually 1.3 million ounces per year valued during $26 million.  It would take a good understanding of time mining bullion during a famous California Gold Rush to equal usually $1 billion.

Even during $1 billion, that is usually 50 million oz of bullion or a measly 1,555 metric tons of gold.  Again, nowhere nearby a one million tons of bullion suggested by Mr. Weir.

Lastly, a ostensible immeasurable bullion cache in a Grand Canyon came to a gloomy end.  That’s correct.  If we spent a few mins doing a bit of investigate on a internet, we would find out The Rest Of The Ugly Story.

(American Placer Gold – Spencer Mining Operation 1911, Grand Canyon)

According to Arizona State story of bullion mining during Lee Ferry in a Grand Canyon, a American Placer Gold association indispensable spark to routine a gold.  Unfortunately, a usually spark join was 28 miles away.  So, a bullion mining investors motionless to incorporate a steamboat to ride a coal:

Investors motionless a 92-foot steamboat would urge spark ride and bullion production; it was systematic and fabricated by late Feb 1912. Dubbed a Charles H. Spencer, the steamboat achieved a approach it was ostensible to, yet it burnt many of a spark it ecstatic in a process. Spencer also had difficulty with his amalgamator and by 1912 his investors had seen adequate and close a plan down. Spencer left, and his vessel sank to a bottom of a Colorado River. The Charles H. Spencer is now on a National Register of Historic Places as a plague in Arizona.

Just cruise for a impulse a form of egghead suspicion routine taken by these investors who couldn’t know that a steamboat would devour many of a spark during a 28-mile trip.

Thus, a LIFE DEATH of a Great Vast Gold Riches in a Grand Canyon came to an sudden end, not given there were billions of ounces of bullion that would destroy a tellurian financial system, yet rather due to a standard mistake done by investors.  And that is… a faith that definitely amateurish government and miners could remove low-quality bullion that is costly to produce.

So, if we demeanour during a New York Times essay that Mr. Weir quotes as his source of billions of ounces of gold, we can logically assume that it was expected created by a association orator to get some-more POOR UNWORTHY INVESTOR SLOBS to squeeze a American Placer Gold batch before it went belly-up.  It’s called a PUMP and DUMP…. a untrustworthy batch offered technique that has been going on for hundreds of years.

If we can have an open mind and a ability to discern fact from novella or lousy swindling theories, we can finally put an finish to a suspicion that a universe has a Million Tons of Hidden Gold in a world.

THE BLIND CONSPIRACY:  The Gold Market Is Heading Towards A Big Fundamental Change

Now that we have dispensed with certain conspiracies that don’t pass a smell test, there is a genuine one that unequivocally few are aware.  we call it a BLIND CONSPIRACY.  The engaging thing about this swindling is that nobody unequivocally knows about it.  However, it behaves like a swindling given many people and parties are utilizing a marketplace that is providing a fake clarity of confidence to a normal investor.

Thus, investors with a fake clarity of security, continue to deposit in STOCKS, BONDS, and REAL ESTATE during extraordinary arrogant values.  Today, a Dow Jones strike a new record high of 24,272 points:

If we demeanour during this draft of a Dow Jones Index, it is starting to resemble a Bitcoin chart.  However, Bitcoin’s graph is relocating adult during a level  10 times some-more violent than a Dow Jones Index:

While a Dow Jones Index increasing 4,200 points, or 21% given a commencement of 2017, a Bitcoin cost has surged some-more than $9,000, or a towering 1,125% increase.  Furthermore, a Bitcoin cost doubled in usually a past month.  This is totally insane.  Even yet a lot of Bitcoin enthusiasts are cheering for $20,000 and $100,000 Bitcoin, if we are ever going to get there, there needs to be a vicious correction first.  However, we might have already seen a tip of Bitcoin during $11,400.

Folks, zero goes loyal adult and afterwards continues even higher.  we would be unequivocally discreet about investing in Bitcoin during this time.  Both a batch marketplace and cryptocurrencies are intensely overbought… to contend a least.  On a other hand, bullion and china have been offered off over a past several days and are even closer to their lows and cost of production.

Getting behind to a Blind Conspiracy and a Big Fundamental Change in a bullion market, investors are wholly in a dim about a apocalyptic appetite difficulty we are facing.  we continue to accept emails from people in several industries that tell me a “Situation is MUCH WORSE than we realize.”  Also, there are good CLUES published in a media if we are IN-TUNE to this information.

According to this jewel, titled Oil Major: 70% Of Crude Can Be Left In The Ground, by Nick Cunnigham:

“A lot of hoary fuels will have to stay in a ground, spark apparently … yet we will also see oil and gas being left in a ground, that is natural,” Statoil’s CEO Eldar Saetre told Reuters in an interview. “At Statoil we are not posterior certain forms of resources, we are not exploring for complicated oil or investing in oilsands.

If complicated oil and oil sands are to be left unproduced, afterwards a lot of oil will need to stay in the ground. According to a USGS, about 70 percent of a world’s detected oil pot are in a form of complicated oil and bitumen. Much of that comes from Venezuela – one of a final places in a universe that an oil association wants to do business in these days – and Canada.

Last year, Statoil deserted Canada’s oil sands, offered off a resources to Athabasca Oil Corp. But Statoil is frequency alone in a exodus. ConocoPhillips unloaded a whopping $13.3 billion of oil sands resources to Cenovus Energy progressing this year. Shell sold off $4.1 billion in oil sands resources to Canadian Natural Resources. Meanwhile, ExxonMobil wrote off 3.5 billion barrels of oil sands from a book in February, revelation that they were unviable in today’s market.

ConocoPhillips’ CEO pronounced that it would no longer deposit in any oil plan that needs a breakeven cost of $50 or higher, according to a FT.

If a Major Oil Industry believes that upwards of 70% of a oil pot should be left in a ground, how many do we unequivocally have left to produce??  Furthermore, it was definitely startling to see that a ConocoPhillips CEO pronounced they would no longer deposit in oil projects with a breakeven above $50.  Folks, there aren’t many oil discoveries accessible with a cost tab reduction than $50 a barrel.

Again, a clues are all around.  Let me repost a totally awful financial formula by a second largest healthy gas writer in a United States.  Chesapeake Energy constructed a second top volume of healthy gas during a initial 9 months of 2017 during 2.9 billion cubic feet per day compared to ExxonMobil’s 3.1 billion cubic feet per day.  So, what advantage did Chesapeake accept for producing a country’s second largest volume of healthy gas?  Take a demeanour during a Q3 2017 Cash Flow Statement:

After all was considered, Chesapeake’s operations supposing $273 million in money (shown in a highlighted yellow).  For those who are not informed with Cash Flow Statements, we subtract collateral expenditures from money from operations to arrive during their FREE CASH FLOW.  Unfortunately for Chesapeake, they spent a towering $1.6 billion (highlighted in blue) on drilling and execution costs (capital) to furnish their healthy gas and oil.  Thus, Chesapeake’s Free Cash Flow was a disastrous $1.3 billion.

That would have been terrible news if it wasn’t for a sale of properties of value $1,193 million ($1.2 billion.. dual lines subsequent a highlighted blue line).  Which means, a financial wizards during Chesapeake used item sales to assistance compensate for their healthy gas drilling collateral expenditures.  How prolonged can Chesapeake sell properties to account their drilling costs??

Are we starting to get a PICTURE here?  Regrettably, even rarely lerned appetite analysts do not know that a oil and gas attention is cannibalizing itself usually to stay alive.  If investors do not know usually how bad a appetite conditions has become, they are BLINDLY investing in a misfortune resources (STOCKS, BONDS REAL ESTATE) that get their value from a blazing of ENERGY.

This is a BLIND CONSPIRACY.  It’s holding place right in front of a eyes, and probably no one sees it.

We are going to knowledge a Massive Fundamental Change in a bullion marketplace given investors will finally start to know what a loyal store of resources is contra one that is an ENERGY IOU.  Stocks, Bonds, and Real Estate get their value from blazing appetite IN THE FUTURE, while a bullion or china silver bought today, perceived a value from blazing appetite IN THE PAST.  That is a immeasurable disproportion that investors, even changed metals investors destroy to realize. – SRSroccoreport


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