Google is bringing messaging to the Tez remuneration app in India

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Messaging and payments continue to intersect in India after Google combined discuss facilities to a Tez remuneration app in India.

The pierce follows a introduction of peer-to-peer payments inside WhatsApp in India, a largest nation worldwide with over 200 million users, final month and it now allows users of Tez to promulgate directly with contacts around a app. Google told Gadgets 365 that a underline is rolling out among users so not all of them might have it yet.

Google launched Tez final year and it claims to have some-more than 15 million purebred users. The app started out as a plain peer-to-peer send service, though it recently combined a (useful) capability of profitable bills such as gas and H2O and TV/internet services.

Paytm, India’s heading mobile wallet service, has also bridged a messaging-payment gap, too. It launched messaging capabilities final year, and it also has skeleton to deliver other services including games.

Google has prolonged attempted to attain in a messaging space with a garland of opposite services, a many important being Hangouts, launched for consumers, though nothing ever reached anything like a vicious mass of WhatsApp.

Indeed, Google itself reportedly attempted to buy WhatsApp though it was eventually catastrophic as Facebook picked a association adult around a $19 billion acquisition. That understanding as questioned by plenty, quite in a U.S. where WhatsApp wasn’t hugely renouned during a time, though a use has grown to over one billion daily users giving Facebook a outrageous use that operates exclusively of a core amicable network. That said, a dual services are increasingly joining hands, with new initiatives including click-to-call WhatsApp buttons on Facebook ads.

Featured Image: Google