Google’s New iOS App Stabilizes Live Photos

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Google Research expelled an iOS app Motion Stills, that acts as a practical camera user for your Apple Live Photos. Google’s grown app is indeed cooler than a simple Live Photos to GIF converter. Motion Stills uses a possess video stabilization algorithms to take what competence differently be a unsure Live Photo and spin it into a well-spoken GIF that you’ll indeed wish to see repeat. Like this:


The app works offline, and we don’t need to pointer in to any use in sequence to use it – only give a app accede to entrance a photos on your device.

“We pioneered this record by stabilizing hundreds of millions of videos and formulating GIF animations from print bursts. Our algorithm uses linear programming to discriminate a practical camera trail that is optimized to recast videos and bursts as if they were filmed regulating stabilization equipment, agreeable a still credentials or formulating cinematic pans to mislay shakiness.

Our plea was to take record designed to run distributed in a information core and cringe it down to run even faster on your mobile phone. We achieved a 40x speedup by regulating techniques such as temporal subsampling, decoupling of suit parameters, and regulating Google Research’s custom linear solver, GLOP. We obtain serve speedup and preserve storage by computing low-resolution diverge textures to perform real-time GPU rendering, only like in a videogame.

Motion Stills doesn’t need any kind of internet connection to work and all a estimate is on-device. You don’t even need a Google comment to use it. Once a GIF is made, we can send it to someone in a message, email, or share to another app. It also lets we merge multiple Live Photos together to emanate a correct film record (with audio) instead of a GIF.

The app is accessible currently on a App Store. Google might good finish adult adding a record into a other applications, like a Google Photos cloud-based print storage app.


Source: Google Blog