Gorgeous Woman With Down Syndrome Makes History In The Miss USA Pageant

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Living in a selfie multitude where people contest and manipulate their photos for likes and comments, it can be easy to forget that beauty comes in all opposite shapes and sizes.

And even yet Instagram is flattering competitive, it doesn’t reason a candle to real-life beauty pageants.The manifestation universe has always been one to keep their thought of beauty standards one-dimensional, and anyone who doesn’t look, speak, or act like a cookie knife mold these pageants have in mind has historically been kicked to a curb. However, it looks like all of that is changing, that beauty manifestation stages saying some-more thorough groups of women any year.

Just ask a poetic Mikayla Holmgren. This beauty only done story by apropos a initial lady with Down syndrome to ever contest in a Miss USA pageant.

As we can see, Ms. Holmgren is all smiles when she’s in her element.

Holmgren, who lives in Stillwater, Minnesota, recently represented her home state in a pageant.

While she might not have won a crown, she was means to travel divided with dual specialty awards: a Spirit of Miss USA Award and a Director’s Award.