Guatemala Prison Riot Kills 13 Including Murderer of a Catholic Bishop

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According to a “The Straits Times,” 13 people were killed on Jul 18, 2016, in a jail demonstration during a Pavon jail in Guatemala. Among those who were killed, is former infantryman Byron Lima. Lima was detained in 1998, for his purpose in murdering a Roman Catholic bishop, Juan Jose Gerardi, roughly 20 years ago.

Lima was convicted in 2001 and had been portion a 20-year jail sentence. Lima’s father and a former colonel were also convicted of a murder of Bishop Gerardi. During Lima’s time during a prison, he was suspicion to be one of a many absolute inside a Guatemala’s jail system.

A decider charged Lima in 2014, with heading a rapist network that helped him control life in prison. The rapist networking authorised Lima to arrange inmate transfers, conjugal visits, and entrance to phones.

Interior Minister Fransico Rivas says that Lima died while fighting other inmates. The quarrel inside a jail is believed to be related to Guatemalan drug duke Marvin Montiel Marin (El Taqero) after authorities threw a grenade during a inmate’s confidence detail. Marin has been in a jail given 2008, for the killing of 15 Nicaraguans and a Dutch national.

Written by Tracy Blake
Edited by Cathy Milne


The Straits Times:  13 killed in Guatemala jail riot: Officials
InSight Crime: ‘King’ of Guatemala, Byron Lima is killed in Prison

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