HackSpace: a new repository for makers

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HackSpace is a new monthly repository for people who adore to make things and those who wish to learn. Grab some channel tape, glow adult a microcontroller, prepared a 3D printer and penetrate a universe around you!

Launching on a 23rd Nov a repository will be packaged with projects for fixers and tinkerers of all abilities. We’ll learn we new techniques and give we refreshers on informed ones, from 3D printing, laser cutting, and woodworking to wiring and Internet of Things.

HackSpace magazine

Each month, HackSpace will underline tutorials and projects to assistance we build and learn. Whether you’re into 3D printing, woodworking, or uncanny and smashing IoT projects, HackSpace will assistance we get some-more out of hardware hacking by giving we a ideas and skills to take your builds to a subsequent level.

HackSpace is a village repository created by makers for makers, and we wish your input. So if there’s something we wish to see in a magazine, tell us about it. And if we have a good plan that we trust deserves a place within a destiny issue, afterwards uncover it to us.

The front cover of HackSpace repository emanate 1

Get your giveaway copy

Eager to get your hands on HackSpace? Sign adult for a giveaway duplicate of emanate 1 by visiting a website! You have until 17 Nov to do so. Moreover, if you’re a manager of a hack- and makerspace, we can also pointer adult for a whole box of giveaway copies for your members to suffer by stuffing in a sum of your venue here.

We wish HackSpace repository to be accessible to as many people as possible, so we’ll be releasing a giveaway PDF of each monthly emanate alongside a imitation version. You won’t have to wait for us to recover articles online — all will be accessible giveaway of assign from day one!

The front cover of HackSpace repository emanate 1

Get your monthly copy

For those who’d rather have a tough duplicate of HackSpace for their home library, garden shed, or coffee table, subscriptions start during only £4.00 a month for a rolling subscription, and even reduction than that if you’re already a subscriber to The MagPi magazine.

You will also be means to squeeze this new repository from comparison newsagents in a UK from 23 Nov onward, and in the USA and Australia a few weeks later.

Source: Raspberry Pi blog

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