HackSpace repository #2: 3D copy and cheese making

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After an implausible response to a initial emanate of HackSpace repository final month, we’re vehement to announce today’s recover of emanate 2, finish with cheese making, digital braille, and…a crochet Cthulhu?
HackSpace repository emanate 2 cover
Your spaces
This issue, we revisit Swansea Hackspace to learn how to crochet, we hear about a glorious things that Birmingham’s fizzPOP builder space is doing, and we’re intensely tender by a advances in braille reader record that are entrance out of Bristol Hackspace. People are amazing.

Your projects
We’ve also collected page on page of projects for we to try your palm at. Fancy an introduction to laser cutting? A homemade sine call stylophone? Or how about a initial incursion into Adafruit’s NeoPixels, adding blinkenlights to a span of snowboarding goggles?

And (much) comparison record gets a demeanour in too, including a educational display we how to make a blade in your possess inexpensive and contented backyard forge.

As always, emanate 2 of HackSpace repository is accessible as a giveaway PDF download, though we’ll also be edition online versions of comparison articles for easier browsing, so be certain to follow us on Facebook and Twitter. And, of course, we wish to hear your thoughts – hit us to let us know what we like and what else you’d like to see, or only to direct that we underline your project, seductiveness or stream oddity in a subsequent issue.

Get your copy
You can squeeze emanate 2 of HackSpace repository right now from WHSmith, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, and independent newsagents. If we live in a US, check out your internal Barnes Noble, Fry’s, or Micro Center subsequent week. We’re also shipping to stores in Australia, Hong Kong, Canada, Singapore, Belgium, and Brazil, so be certain to ask your internal newsagent either they’ll be removing HackSpace magazine.

Alternatively, we can get a new emanate online from our store, or digitally around our Android or iOS apps. And don’t forget, as with all a publications, a free PDF of HackSpace magazine is accessible from recover day.

That’s it from us for this year; see we in 2018 for a ton of new things to make and do!

Source: Raspberry Pi blog

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