HackSpace repository 4: a wearables issue

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Big things are stirring in a universe of HackSpace magazine! This month we’re regulating a initial special issue, with wearables projects around a magazine. Moreover, we’re giving divided a initial subscription present giveaway to all 12-month imitation subscribers. Lastly, and many importantly, we’ve done a cover EXTRA SHINY!

HackSpace repository emanate 4 cover

Prepare your eyeballs — it’s HackSpace repository emanate 4!


In this issue, we’re holding an in-depth demeanour during wearable tech. Not Fitbits or Apple Watches — we’re articulate things we can make yourself, from projects that take a integrate of hours to put together, to a huge, moving builds that are bringing record to a runway. If we like wearing garments and we like regulating your mind to make things better, afterwards you’ll adore this feature.

We’re stability a mania with Nixie tubes, with a shining Time-To-Go-Clock – Trump edition. This inventive bit of pack uses archaic Russian wiring to count down a time until a finish of a 45th president’s tenure in office. However, we can also module it to tell a time left to any predicted event, such as a deadline for your taxation lapse or letter submission, or a date England gets knocked out of a World Cup.

HackSpace repository page 08 HackSpace repository page 70 HackSpace repository emanate 4 page 98

We’re also articulate to Dr Lucy Rogers — NASA alumna, Robot Wars judge, and associate of a Institution of Mechanical Engineers — about a disproportion between creation as a hobby and as a job, and about because we need a Guild of Makers. Plus, emanate 4 has a teeny boat, a many pleasing Raspberry Pi cases you’ve ever seen, and it explores a formula of what happens when we put a garland of hardware hackers together in a French castle — sacré bleu!


As always, we’ve got some-more how-tos than we can shake a soldering iron at. Fittingly for a stream meridian here in a UK, there’s a prohibited H2O monitor, that shows we how prolonged we have before your morning showering turns cold, and an Internet of Tea plan to serve a cuppa from your kettle around a web. Perhaps not so fittingly, there’s also an ESP8266 plan for monitoring a solar energy hire online. Readers in a southern hemisphere, we’ll leave that one for we — we haven’t seen a object here for months!

And there’s more!

We’re super happy to contend that all a 12-month imitation subscribers have been sent an Adafruit Circuit Playground Express with this new issue:

Adafruit Circuit Playground Express HackSpace

This tool was grown essentially with wearables in mind and comes with all sorts of in-built functionality, so subscribers can get enormous with their latest wearable plan today! If you’re not a 12-month imitation subscriber, you’ll skip out, so allow here to get your repository and your device,  and let us know what you’ll make.

Source: Raspberry Pi blog, created by Andrew Gregory.

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