Hair Piercings Are The Coolest New Hairstyle Of 2016

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While irritable facial and physique piercings are now a hackneyed steer on a city sidewalks, a latest trend in hair also draws a impulse from trenchant culture. Known as hair rings, this rising breakthrough lives adult to a name with lead rings that are artfully organised in a hair.

Beauty lovers are embracing hair trenchant in all a glory, with musty musical rings in varying sizes and colours. From radiant golden bondage to little china circles, these rings are fast being incorporated into vast hairstyles. While some Instagram bombshells are adhering to issuing summer waves, others are channelling their middle insurgent with little braids and disorderly topknots.


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In fact, a trend of hair trenchant has even done a dash in Hollywood. Earlier this season, diva Christina Aguilera suggested a array of vast china rings in her neat mauve tresses. The 35-year-old songstress denounced her eye-catching braid on The Voice, where it stole a spotlight.

If we wish to move a trend to a subsequent level, we can span your pierced thatch with glitter-flecked roots and firmly plaited strands. However, hair rings also demeanour only as stylish in teeming locks. For anyone who wants a proxy transformation, hair trenchant can offer we a fun factor- but a joining of failing your locks!


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