Hands-free GoPro-control System

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1-4bed3c349fa6b9666e0f6d079a70Sometimes it can be formidable to strech over to your GoPro to start and stop recording. Many users spin to a GoPro smartphone app, or a wrist-mounted wireless remote, but using those things it still requires we to have during slightest one palm free. The GoHawk is a hands-free sharpened system, by vouchsafing we control a camera with your mouth.


It is powered by a camera’s battery and has 3 ports:

  • one for a hard-wired bendable LED record light,
  • one for a third-party USB battery container or AC adapter
  • one for a hard-wired record switch. That switch can take a form of possibly a punch switch, a tongue switch, or a handlebar-mounted pull button.

You have to mount the LED indicator somewhere where it will be simply visible, such as a visor of a helmet. It will heat blue while a camera is in standby, branch to a solemnly flashing red when recording video. To start and stop recording that video, you have to bite down, pull with with your tongue, or press down with your thumb, or we can use a camera’s symbol controls, too. Explaining video is below:

This system is now a theme of a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, where a oath of $170 will get we a pack with your choice of a punch switch or tongue switch. The ride switch package is labelled during $131. Estimated shipping is on Sep of 2016.


Source: Kickstarter