Harry Reid Compliments Mitch McConnell’s ‘Fool’s Errand’ Over Merrick Garland

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Senator Harry Reid of Nevada withdrawal a Senate building final week after criticizing Senator Mitch McConnell, a infancy leader, for ancillary a unreserved Republican nominee, Donald J. Trump.

Stephen Crowley/The New York Times

Senator Harry Reid and Senator Mitch McConnell mostly have unpleasant things to contend about any other’s Senate care skills. But Mr. Reid, a Democratic minority personality from Nevada, says he is apropos increasingly tender by Mr. McConnell’s skills of warning as a infancy leader. Sort of impressed, anyway.

In an interview, Mr. Reid pronounced he doubted he could have ever swayed his associate Democrats to go on a “fool’s errand” such as stonewalling a Supreme Court assignment of Judge Merrick B. Garland, refusing to report hearings and in mixed cases determining opposite even a pleasantness assembly with a nominee.

“If anybody can get his senators to all determine to go over a precipice and kill themselves, that’s flattering good,” Mr. Reid pronounced in his passionless manner. “Boy, we will tell we that man has a lot some-more lean with his congress than we ever had. If we ever suggested something as absurd and weird as that to my caucus, they would revote and flog a ruin out of me out of a caucus. we mean, really.”

Mr. Reid combined that he believed a Republican refusal to take adult a Garland assignment has already put Democratic contenders forward in some Senate races.

Mr. McConnell, in his new book, “The Long Game,” did acknowledge that Mr. Reid can be “thoughtful, accessible and funny.”

“But as shortly as a cameras spin on or he’s offering a microphone,” Mr. McConnell wrote, “he becomes egotistic and unreasonable, rising things that are both nasty and mostly untrue, forcing him to after apologize.”

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But it is puzzled that Mr. Reid will wish to apologize in this box for complimenting Mr. McConnell’s abilities. Sort of.

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