Has Calvin Klein Hired Raf Simons Or Not?

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When it was announced behind in Apr that Francisco Costa would be stepping down as artistic executive of Calvin Klein, conjecture started to grow prevalent that Raf Simons would be holding over a role. After all he is available, having stepped down from his artistic executive purpose during Dior in Oct of 2015. Even yet no central word has been given, conjecture suggests that Simons might have all prepared been hired, and those rumours usually grew louder yesterday.

Calvin Klein was interviewed yesterday by Andy Cohen on Sirius XM, and during a talk a engineer discussed a vacancy. According to WWD he said “They usually finally done changes in a pattern staff. They won’t announce [who it is] publicly since it’s underneath contract. But a whole attention knows.” The criticism usually adds fuel to a glow that Simons has indeed been hired. It’s been pronounced that Calvin Klein is usually watchful to make a proclamation until after Simons’s non-compete with LVMH expires during a finish of July.

If a American tag is indeed watchful to make a proclamation until after a non-compete expires, they might chose to wait until usually before New York Fashion Week starts in September.

Photo: Startraks