He Asked His Girlfriend A Simple Question, And Her Answer Will Make You Scratch Your Head

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For so many people, proof and math problems can be difficult.

That’s fine since we all have a strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes these questions are even created in such a approach that they’re designed to exam how good we can compensate attention. Sometimes it goes right over a heads.

If we said, “John had $200,000. Mary has $5,000. Mark will have $500,000,” afterwards who has a many money? The answer relies on bargain of tenses and grammar.

One male asked his partner a same question, and he filmed her answer when he satisfied she was nowhere nearby a right one. He sounds so frustrated!


Youtube / ViralHog

It’s easy to make fun of this lady and her answer, though chances are there’s an equally elementary problem out there that would branch all of us. One thing we do know is that she’ll never forget a answer to that doubt now.