He Didn’t Use Balloons For Their Gender Reveal…He Built Something Amazing Instead

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So many awaiting relatives adore to exhibit a gender of their unborn child in fun and sparkling ways.

Cakes with blue or pinkish topping inside and balloons filled with confetti are some of a many common ways to lift off a gender reveal, and it can be totally fun to move together family and friends for a event. But there are some relatives who come adult with even crazier ways to announce to a universe they’re expecting a lady or a boy.

Taylor Calmus, who runs a Dude Dad Vlog, went above and over a call of avocation when he and his friends spent 3 full days building an implausible Rube Goldberg appurtenance travelling his whole house. By a end, they’d combined a ultimate surprise!

I won’t spoil it for you, though watch until a really finish to find out what this family is having!


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Wow! Setting that adult took a lot of ability and patience. Share this if we were tender with their singular exhibit and honour them on a subsequent section in their lives!