He Kissed His Girlfriend On The Head — What This Woman Did Next Is Ridiculous

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Public displays of love are flattering irritating for some people, generally if a integrate in doubt doesn’t know where to pull a line between what is and isn’t appropriate.

But trusting gestures like holding hands, hugging, or discerning pecks are seen as ideally excusable function by many people — well, unless you’re this indignant woman. While shopping some food during a grill in Santa Monica, California, final week, she was positively troubled during saying another patron kissing his girlfriend…on a forehead. Her successive meltdown is unequivocally something we have to see to believe.

Warning: this video contains striking language.


Wow…just wow. we can usually assume that she’s been harboring a lot of annoy and it only happened to raze during this really moment, though she had no right to unleash it on these people. Share if we consider she was a one doing a harassing.