He Set Up A Security Camera On His Porch And What He Captured Was Enraging

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When we are watchful for a package, it seems like zero can relieve your fad for it to arrive. But when we keep watchful and watchful and it hasn’t shown adult yet, we start devising a worst. Maybe they delivered it to a wrong address, maybe it fell off a smoothness truck, or misfortune of all — maybe someone stole it.

That was a existence for this man. He set adult a Nest confidence camera on his porch since he had a camber that someone was hidden his packages. As it turns out, that camber was right.

Prepare to be LIVID.

Just watch what this lady does…


Luckily, a lady in a video was apprehended and placed underneath arrest. This was not her initial run-in with a law.


(via Reddit)

I’m blissful that a consider has been arrested, and we wish she schooled her lesson. Crime doesn’t compensate (especially when it comes to hidden packages, they are sacred). Now that she’s behind bars, she’ll have copiousness of time to consider about her actions.