He Started Singing In The Ocean. What Happened Next Will Have You Cackling.

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While a series of opposite whale class are famous for their ability to “sing”, there’s only one that’s famous as a canary of a sea — a beluga whale.

Like other whales, these pleasing sea creatures use echolocation to navigate around underwater. They also promulgate by emitting adult to 11 opposite high-pitched sounds identical to bird chirps. Beluga whales are so talkative, in fact, that they’re among a many outspoken nautical mammals…even when it comes to interacting with humans!

One male recently set out to learn either he could attract beluga whales only by singing in his kayak, and it’s protected to contend he was flattering astounded by a waggish responses he got.

Watch as a male bellows out his humorous strain and listens as his new whale friends sing back.


What an implausible experience! It’s both darling and extraordinary that beluga whales have such an appreciation for others’ music.