He Was Bagged And Tagged, But Then This Soldier Was Brought Back From The Dead

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During a Vietnam War, John Colone was shot 4 times.

Believed to be passed by members of his possess unit, he was fast delivered to a morgue where he was to be processed. But when an officer from a assist hire took a closer look, he done an earth-shattering discovery. By rubbing a coop along Colone’s feet as he did with each other infantryman who was conspicuous dead, he was done painfully wakeful of a fact that a live male was zipped adult in a physique bag.


I can’t even start to suppose how John Colone (or a male who satisfied he wasn’t dead) felt in that moment. Being in a fight section has to be so chaotic, so mistakes happen. This male is only propitious that he transient with his life.