Health height Medikoe raises $100k in angel appropriation to fuel expansion

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Medikoe, a Bengaluru-based online height has recently lifted $100,000 in angel appropriation from Anil Menon, CEO of CMS Computers Limited, to fuel enlargement in Mumbai and NCR segment by 31 Dec and in some-more than 20 cities by a initial entertain of 2016. The appropriation will assistance a association to emanate tellurian products for an general audience, raise stream offerings to a assembly in a nation and to capacitate it to enhance a geographical strech within a country.

Sreevalsan Menon, Founder and CEI, MedikoeSreevalsan Menon, Founder and CEI, Medikoe

Sreevalsan Menon, Founder and CEO, Medikoe

Launched in Oct 2015 with an Android app and web service by IT professionals Sreevalsan Menon (39) and Raman Shukla (32), a aim of a height is to bond consumers and a supply side of medical to 4 vital medical pillars —  hospitals, evidence centre, pharmacy and wellness along with integrated deals on medical from 5 percent to 30 percent on a singular platform. The thought is to make medical accessible to consumers on a height in usually dual clicks.

Medikoe as a judgment came about when Menon could not get a medicine at night that he wanted when he was staying during a 5 star hotel in Mumbai and worse, did not know where to gain it from in a vicinity. Medikoe stands for medical and koe for happiness. “Medikoe is about accessing medical with happiness. However, we are not aggregators for doctors,” clarifies Menon, Founder and CEO.

The association did a consult before rising a online height and found that there existed a vital opening between a supply side and consumers that is what it aims to bridge. The services as of now are accessible usually in Bengaluru though with a angel appropriation it has received, Medikoe skeleton to offer a services and offers  pan India including Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities. “We wish to have initial inciter advantage in cities like Kanpur, Lucknow and other Tier 2 and 3 cities,” says Menon, owner and CEO.

“When we launched in Oct 2015, we approaching to have around around 100 users. However, we were astounded to comprehend that  we were catering to 1800+ users with some-more than 20000+ search’s on a height within one month of a launch. So far, Medikoe has purebred some-more than 1500+ Healthcare and wellness use partners with more than 100+ deals on a platform.”

The one-of-its-kind height emphasizes on assisting a use providers accept some-more prominence and reach. Some of a pivotal partners includes Manipal Hospitals, Jiyo Natural(healthy food), NM Medical Diagnostic, Nightingales Home care, Positive Homeopathy etc to name a few and clocks.

The association expects 100 percent Year on Year expansion in a initial full year of operations.